Naruto: 5 anime characters Kakuzu could defeat

Kakuzu He was a mercenary in Akatsuki and one of the deadliest members of the organization in the universe. Naruto. Capable of ordering all throws and with five hearts on his chest, he was known as the “immortal ninja”.

The villain’s unique physiology made him a treacherous adversary, forcing the heroes of the anime to use his intelligence to defeat him. Although Kakuzu has shown the ability to defeat dozens of enemy shinobi at once, he is not invincible.

By comparing him to the various characters in the series, we can better appreciate the extent of his strength and the limitations that come with it. However, The Truth News meet 5 characters from the Naruto series that Kakuzu can beat without problems.

5 – Deidara pierde contra Kakuzu

Deidara was introduced in Naruto Shippuden as Sasori’s partner.

While the deidara blasts They were formidable in their own right, their deadliest (and most viable) ability being implanting their targets with microscopic explosives and blowing them inside out. However, these bombs can be defused by a formidable electrical charge (demonstrated through his battle against Sasuke Uchiha).

As Kakuzu has a lightning release, he would scatter before knocking his opponent off his mount with the wind and finishing him off in close combat. Deidara was powerful, but he has no chance against the abilities of the immortal character of Masashi Kishimoto.

4 – Zabuza would be outmatched by his jutsus

Zabuza was the first main villain in the anime

Zabuza Momochi was a skilled mercenary just like Kakuzu himself. Despite being hardened through the rigors of the Mist Village and among its more powerful shinobi, it has fewer casts than its Akatsuki counterpart. Furthermore, he displayed abysmal durability and was overwhelmed by Kakashi using his own jutsu against him.

Considering how well Kakuzu was able to control the fight against Hatake (and considering the advantages his extendable limbs would provide), he would overwhelm Zabuza in almost every measure imaginable. The mercenary’s only advantage is through his executioner’s sword, that it would not tilt the fight in its favor alone.

3 – Suigetsu loses for his philosophy

Suigetsu was Sasuke’s teammate on his Team Taka

Against most opponents, the water body of Suigetsu makes him an intangible adversary much like Obito. It is practically impervious to taijutsu, which is among Kakuzu’s greatest strengths. However, the mercenary’s numerous releases provide an answer to his natural defense.

It could attack it with a blast of water, electrify it with lightning, or even reduce it to steam with a considerable blast of fire. Given his advantage in anime experience (having survived an encounter with the First Hokage), Kakuzu could launch his attacks with methodical success.

2 – Kakashi would lose without his team

During Kakashi’s battle against Kakuzu, the two seemed evenly matched. With his experience as a former Anbu, he ambushes the Akatsuki member and plunges his Chidori into the villain’s back. However, this was only because of the distractions the other heroes provided.

Without your help, and especially since lost his Sharingan after the Fourth Ninja War, he is at a huge disadvantage against his immortal opponent and would invariably lose their match. It’s particularly evident since Hatake couldn’t compete with Kakuzu and his monsters simultaneously.

1 – Hayate Gekko can’t against Kakuzu

Hayate Gekko debuted from the classic series Naruto

Hayate Gekko he was able to move at speeds so deep that he was able to create images of himself. This was a tactic he employed against Baki and spoke highly of his swiftness in battle. However, in the likely event that he is able to bury his weapon in Kakuzu’s chest, he would be horrified to find that the villain had survived.

The mercenary would use his position to land a deadly blow, probably through the cables in his body. Do you know any other characters who wouldn’t stand a chance against Kakuzu? Fans can watch the Naruto anime on Crunchyroll.

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