Narco-Saints Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date, And More Updates

Fans of Korean dramas regularly name Narco-Saints as one of the most talked-about titles. Fans have been demanding additional episodes ever since the series premiered on Netflix Original on September 9, 2022. Is a second season of Narco-Saints in the works?

The government of Suriname took issue with the portrayal of drug trafficking in the film Narco-Saints. Despite the backlash, Narco-Saints has risen to the top of Netflix’s Global Chart and become one of the service’s most popular K-dramas. The Bahamas, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam were just some of the places where Narco-Saints ranked in the top 10 most viewed titles.

Based on actual events, Narco-Saints (Korean: RR: Surinam; lit. Suriname) depicts the tale of a regular businessman who is forced to risk his life by joining the covert mission of government agents to apprehend a Korean drug lord operating in Suriname.

Will there be a Narco-Saints season 2?

Since Netflix has not yet decided to recommission the drama, it is unclear if Narco-Saints will be back for a second season. That’s to be expected, given that it just debuted on the streaming service, and the network has plenty of time to reveal its plans for the series. The question will be whether the showrunners, who are basing their work on real events, think there is more to say in this particular story or in another story that can be told under the same umbrella. As more details emerge about a potential confirmation, we will post them here.

Narco-Saints Season 2 Release Date

The premiere date for season 2 of Narco-Saints has not been set, and the renewal of the show has not been announced. However, we anticipate the show’s comeback in late 2023, since we have a strong feeling that it will be renewed for a second season. Since Netflix didn’t release the first season of Narco-Saints until September 2022, it’s too soon to announce a second season. We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open for more information.

Narco-Saints Cast and characters


  • Ha Jung-woo as Kang In-gu, A businessman who arrived in Suriname for skate business, only to be forcefully pulled in by the National Intelligence Service for a secret operation to catch Yo-hwan.
  • Hwang Jung-min as Jeon Yo-hwan, A Korean drug lord currently based in Suriname, moonlighting as a pastor.
  • Park Hae-soo as Choi Chang-ho, The team leader of the National Intelligence Service’s Branch in the Americas.
  • Jo Woo-jin as Byeon Ki-tae, The right-hand man of Yo-hwan; he was formerly under the Chinese organisation before betraying to work for Yo-hwan.
  • Yoo Yeon-seok as David Julio Park, The consultant lawyer for Yo-hwan.
  • Kim Min-gwi as Lee Sang-jun, A deacon and close aide of Yo-hwan.
  • Choo Ja-hyun as Park Hye-jin, In-gu’s wife.
  • Chang Chen as Chen Zhen, A Chinese gang leader based in Chinatown, Paramaribo.
  • Jordan Preston as President Delano Alvarez, The President of Suriname who came to power after conducting a military coup with the help of Yo-hwan.
  • Bryan Larkin as DEA Chief, works closely with Chang-ho to arrest Yo-hwan.
  • Lee Bong-ryun as Deaconess Jung, Yo-hwan’s church figure, is cruel like him.
  • Go Geon-han as Dong-woo, a Member of the National Intelligence Service and Chang-ho’s assistant.
  • Hyun Bong-sik as Park Eung-soo, In-gu’s high school friend and a sailor, he suggested
  • that In-gu goes to Suriname for the skate business.
    Kim Ye-won as Jeon Yo-hwan’s wife, In 1993, at an investment briefing headed by Yo-hwan, she disclosed false information regarding Yo-hwan having connections to the president to millionaires.
  • Kim Si-hyeon as Si-hyeon, Chang-ho’s assistant.
  • Chidi Ajufo as Gallas, Anupam Tripathi as a soldier of the Surinamese Army
  • Song Ho-bum as Chen Zhen’s underling
  • Lee Sung-min as The voice of a fishing boat captain
  • Nubel Feliz Yan as Nubel The Mercenary 2

Narco-Saints season 2 Plotline

Whether or not the events depicted in Narco Saints actually occurred, many viewers will want to see their favorite characters return for a second season. However, many viewers feel satisfied that the finale resolved all outstanding questions. Kang came home and got a job as a mechanic after the NIS and DEA brought down drug lord Yohwan. Agent Chang-Oh bribed him with two karaoke lounges if he would help him. Kang, though, flatly declined to accept them.

Chang-Oh tells Kang that NIS would never publicly credit him with helping bring down drug boss Yo-hwan, much to Kang’s dismay. If Netflix orders a second season of Narco Saints, the show’s creators will have to highlight Kang’s ongoing work with the NIS, which can eventually turn him into an undercover agent to bust even more criminal groups. Chang Ho, whose role has been reprised by Park Hae Soo, may be located in a different part of the world in the second season, helping to break up other drug rings and criminal activities that have nothing to do with the first.

Narco-Saints Season 2 Trailer

There is currently no trailer for Season 2 of Narco-Saints because the show has not been renewed. As more film becomes available, we will add it to this page. If you’re having trouble remembering what happened in the first six episodes, you can always watch the trailer for that season again right here.

Is Narco-Saints Based on a True Story?

Yes, Yoon Jong-bin and Kwon Sung-Hui adapted the genuine story of the Narco-Saints for the small screen. Real-life drug lord Jo Bong-Haeing serves as inspiration for the show. He orchestrated the transportation of illicit substances via Koreans from South America to Europe. Jo Bong-Haeing was forced to leave South Korea in 1994 after being accused of fraud, but little else about his background is known.

The events and personalities depicted in the show are based on real ones, although the plot has been heavily dramatized and romanticized for television. This is the story of Kang In-Gu, a regular businessman who moves his family to the South American country of Suriname in order to make a livelihood off the fish there. A violent drug cartel boss has taken over Suriname, but he becomes mixed up in an attempt to catch him. The name of the drug cartel was changed for the show, but the organization was real. Furthermore, the businessman who is pursuing the drug king is most likely a fictional creation of the show’s writers.

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