Nagatoro: revealed the exact number of episodes of the anime, manga close to the climax?

Two great news for all fans of Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san, the romcom of Nanashi has become one of the most read by the western public for a few months now. The first is that the anime will arrive in Italy on April 10 on Crunchyroll, while the second is that the manga seems to be close to great developments.

As for the anime, Crunchyroll Italia has acquired the rights for simulcast distribution and will publish the episodes weekly from the 10th of the current month to June 12th 2021, date on which the twelfth and final episode will be broadcast. In fact, the first season will consist of only one cour, and should adapt the first 6 Volumes.

The chapters of the manga instead will continue to be published biweekly, with the release of Volume 11 expected for the month of July. The author Nanashi recently the publication of chapter 80 has been delayed by a week, stating that it is a “chapter that required more work than usual” and suggesting important developments in the relationship between the protagonists. It is not yet clear whether the length of the chapter in question will be the same as the previous ones or not.

Returning to the anime, we remind you that on March 16th TMS Entertainment released the last trailer of the first season. For other Crunchyroll news, we advise you to take a look at the thick spring schedule.

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