My Liberation Notes Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

My Liberation Notes Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

My Liberation Notes is a South Asian romantic drama currently on air. It tells the story of three siblings set in Sanpo Village.

My Liberation Notes was released on April 9th, 2022 on JTBC with new episodes released every weekend at 22:30 according to KST.

MY liberation notes the JTBC drama streaming on Netflix featuring Kim Ji won and Son Seok Koo has again topped the chart of most buzzworthy Korean drama of May 2022.

The slow yet developing love story of Yeom Mi Jeong and Mr. Gu as well as the fight and struggle of Yeom siblings have won over global fans making it climb the viewership chart.

This too be noted that the trending K-drama is soon to air its last and the 16th episode on May 29th and with this fans are curious to find out whether there will be the second season of the show.

While many reports on social media are claiming with assurance that there will be a second season, this should be acknowledged that no confirmation regarding the renewal have been made from the makers side although there are few theories which suggest the possibilities.

JTBC has not renewed My Liberation Notes for a second season till now. Given the positive reviews in recent weeks, it’ll be interesting to see if this is renewed for a second season.

Sure, this drama might “lack” the usual fanfare that other Korean dramas have, like a mother trying to pay off her son’s girlfriend or some major memory loss, but My Liberation Notes has something that all these other dramas do not have, and that is the factor of reliability.

My Liberation Notes is a drama that has slowly grown on people, and due to that fact, many fans of this drama are wondering if My Liberation Notes Season 2 will be released or not.

My Liberation Notes is a beautiful drama that is calm, serene, and sublime since it deals with the humdrum of everyday life.

Mi Jeong, the character played by Kim Ji Won, has to deal with the cripplingly long commutes while tackling an abusive boss.

However, this just seems to be the harsh reality many Koreans have to deal with, and this sort of reality has been addressed in My Liberation Notes.

Therefore, owing to the immense love fans and netizens have for this show, many are asking the question – will My Liberation Notes Season 2 be released or not.

My Liberation Notes Season 2 Release Date

My Liberation Notes has been a bit with its first season release and has been topping the chart of most-watched Korean Dramas in May 2022.

The romance drama has attracted viewers all over the globe with its slow but progressing love story which is why many sources claim that a season 2 is pretty much on the cards for sure.

But there has been no official confirmation on the renewal of my Liberation Notes yet since the first season is still on the air and about to release its finale very soon as well.

But keeping in view the amount of positive reception and viewership the show is receiving, the chance of My Liberation Notes Season 2 is high enough.

My Liberation Notes Season 2 Cast

  • Lee Min-ki as Yeom Chang-hee
  • Kim Ji-won as Yeom Mi-jeong
  • Son Seok-koo as Mr. Gu (Gu Ja-kyung)
  • Lee El as Yeom Ki-jeong
  • Chun Ho-jin as Yeom Je-ho
  • Lee Kyung-seong as Kwak Hye-suk
  • Jeon Hye-jin as Ji Hyun-ah
  • Han Sang-jo as Oh Doo-hwan
  • Jo Min-Kook as Seok Jeong-hoon
  • Yang Jun-myung as Lee Min-gyu
  • Choi Bo-young as Jung Ah-reum
  • Jeon Soo-jin as Lee Ye-rin
  • Oh Min-ae as Byeon Sang-mi
  • Lee Ki-woo as Jo Tae-hoon
  • Park Soo-young as Park Sang-min
  • Lee Ji-hye as So Hyang-gi
  • Kong Ye-ji as Han Su-jin
  • Lee ho-young as Choi Jun-ho
  • Jung Soo-young as Jo Kyung-sun
  • Kim Ro-sa as Jo Hee-sun
  • Kang Joo-ha as Jo Yu-rim
  • Kim Woo-hyung as Park Jin-u
  • Choi Min-chul as Mr. Baek
  • Kim Min-song as Samsik

My Liberation Notes Season 2 Trailer

My Liberation Notes Season 2 Plot

Yeom Gi-Jeong, the oldest of the three siblings, is one with a temper and is hot-minded. She wastes a great deal of her time commuting to her job in Seoul from Sanpo Village.

She keeps whining about her life and never stops complaining and ranting about it. She is also looking for love in her life and is willing to find it soon.

Yeom Chang-Hee is the intermediate of the three children who is looking to escape from his family and home in Sanpo Village but has no dream to do something with his life and just continues with his life wastefully with no ambition at all. Thus, he is seen lowly by all his family members.

Yeom Mi-Jeong is the youngest of the three siblings and is dying to feel the liberation and freedom from her monotonous and boring life but she is introverted and not someone who easily opens up to a new crowd easily.

As a result, she is quite aloof and lonely and does not feel the satisfaction and contentment in her life.

Gu, suffering from his addiction to alcohol spent most of the season battling his desire to drink.

After an incredibly stressful day, which included closing the club down due to Hyeon’s constantly rising debts attracting the attention of violent loan sharks.

Upon taking the advice of Mi-Jeong, Gu decided to enjoy some time to himself after work, grabbing himself a bottle of liquor.

As fate would have it, Gu dropped a 500 won coin, rolling over onto a drain, hanging off the edge symbolising how close Gu is to falling into the gutter if he doesn’t make a change.

Taking the very first step to sobriety, Gu leaves the bottle on the side of the road and walks away.

Chang-Hee was able to make some of the biggest changes to his life by altering his spending habits and getting his finances into check.

By disciplining himself, Chang-Hee paid off nearly the entirety of his loan, and while he has always maintained the desire to be rich, his new outlook has helped enrich his day-to-day life.

Chang-Hee has had a strange fate with death, having been there for the death of multiple people, including his mother and Hyeok-Su.

Fate has put Chang-Hee on the path of becoming a funeral director, after accidentally attending a lecture on the subject.

The show takes place between the contrasting vistas of the quiet countryside and bustling metropolis of Seoul.

The main character here is Mi-Jeong, the youngest daughter of a trio of siblings. She’s shy and an introvert but also lonely and feels unfulfilled in life.

Her sister, Gi-Jeong (Lee El), is the eldest and is very hot tempered. She spends a lot of her time travelling back and forth from Seoul to Sanpo village because of her job. She has a lot of issues in her life and is desperate to find love.

Finally there’s Chang-Hee (Lee Min-Ki), the middle child, who wants to leave his childhood home in Sanpo and has big dreams of becoming rich and living a fulfilled life.

Circled around all this is a mysterious man named Mr Gu, who arrives in Sangpo with a dark past.

He drinks a lot and no one knows much about him. Intrigued, Yeom Mi-Jeong decides to approach him.

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