Kingdom Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Kingdom Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

South Korean historical thriller Kingdom. The television show masterfully combines a wide range of themes, including violence, fear, political intrigue, mystery, even horror.

The webtoon “The Kingdom of the Gods” serves as the inspiration for the programme. It is the first Korean original series on Netflix. ‘

In the Kingdom, the best zombie flicks and Game if Thrones collide. It’s rare for fantasy programmes to combine real terror and political intrigue, but Netflix’s first Korean original series achieves it elegantly.

Kingdom is Netflix’s crowning achievement as the finest site to watch Korean TV outside of South Korea.

When it comes to furious pace and genuine shocks, the zombie show/historical drama put The Walking Dead to shame; in fact, there was a very real chance that the series might never air.

“Before Train to Busan, within the film industry, the dominant notion had been that the zombie genre is a niche genre that only appealed to a small group or fans,” Kingdom writer Kim Eun-hee said The Hollywood Reporter.

“Drama series were considerably more affected by this. TV dramas are often broadcast in Korea on the known public broadcasting stations, which are frequently seen by families. As a result, the programmes are typically rated lower for a larger audience and are subject to tighter evaluation standards.

It goes without saying that graphic images depicting the abuse of dead corpses were forbidden. It was almost difficult to turn a zombie programme into a television series under such conditions, when zombies are only halted by decapitation.

Seven years and three months after the original zombie outbreak and Prince Chang’s fabricated death, Season 3 will probably take up where Season 2 left off.

The royal highness has been researching the resurrection plant and searching for it all throughout Korea, it is disclosed via Young-Shin.

We learned that the enigmatic plant had been spreading across the nation. The plants were made available to the general public by a shady trader on the Chinese/Korean border.

Kingdom Season 3 Release Date

The show’s renewal has not yet received an official announcement from Netflix. Fans anticipated Season 3 to arrive around 2021 since the previous two seasons were released so quickly, however it may have been delayed due to COVID-19 circumstances.

No official word on whether Kingdom has been renewed or cancelled has yet been released, but given the plot of the special episode “Kingdom: Ashin to the North,” it may serve as a link to fill in the gaps between the events of season 2 and a hypothetical season 3.

We can more or less affirm that Kingdom Season 3 is coming and may be released, preferably by the end of 2023, since the programme is also highly popular on a worldwide scale and the series director has additionally implicitly hinted at the continuation of the show.

Kingdom Season 3 Cast

  • Ju Ji-hoon as Lee Chang
  • Ryu Seung-ryong as Lord Cho Hak-ju (seasons 1–2)
  • Bae Doona as Seo-bi
  • Kim Sung-kyu as Yeong-shin
  • Jeon Seok-ho as Cho Beom-pal
  • Kim Hye-jun as Queen Consort Cho (seasons 1–2).
  • Kim Sang-ho as Mu-yeong (seasons 1–2),
  • Heo Joon-ho as Lord Ahn Hyeon (regular season 1; recurring season 2)
  • Jun Ji-hyun as Ashin (guest season 2; main in special)
  • Kim Si-a as young Ashin (special)
  • Park Byung-eun as Min Chi-rok (recurring season 2; main in special)
  • Koo Kyo-hwan as Ai Da Gan (special)
  • Kim Roi-ha as Ta Hab (special)
  • Jung Suk-won as Cho Beom-il (seasons 1–2; special)
  • Kim Jong-soo as Kim Sun
  • Kwon Bum-taek as Lee Seung-hui (season 1; special)
  • Lee Yang-hee as the Minister of War
  • Jin Seon-kyu as Deok Sung
  • Joo Suk-tae as Lee Do-jin (seasons 1–2)
  • Ahn Eun-jin as Mu-yeong’s wife
  • Kim Tae-hoon as Lee Gang-yun (season 2)
  • Jo Han-chul as Won Yu (season 2)
  • Ahn Jae-hong as Eunuch (season 2)
  • Kim Kang-hoon as King Yi Yeom (season 2)

Kingdom Season 3 Trailer

Kingdom Season 3 Plot

Whatever transpires, anticipate seeing more of the new prince in season three as well. He was resistant for the worms that lead to zombieism when he was a newborn, but as he’s gotten older, it seems that the last parasite has finally made its way up to his brain.

However, it does not necessarily imply that the prince will change into a monster. Given how long the parasite has been in his system and how odd his situation is, the youngster may instead develop into a bizarre zombie/human hybrid.

In a recent interview, Kingdom author Kim Eun-hee hinted some narrative information (as reported by Soompi):

individuals like Lee Chang, Seo-bi, as Yeong-shin are all individuals who pursue the epidemic, wishing it never arose, as those who have observed will know.

We’re considering doing that because I’ve felt it would be interesting for season three to focus on the hunt for the plague’s genesis.

Although the writers are keeping a tight lid about the specifics of season three, we can anticipate Seo-bi to be just as formidable.

“She’s unstoppable, and he’s very tenacious of stubborn in a sense, [especially] when performing what she firmly believes is the right thing to do,” Bae Doona remarked in the same Cosmo interview.

“I really appreciate her for her type of tenacity and stubbornness, as well as the fact that she doesn’t want to make a big deal out of her actions. She is an extremely intelligent person. All of those qualities in her I find admirable.

“Season one dealt with the theme of hunger, whereas season two dealt with the theme of blood. If Netflix is on board, I’d like season three to focus on resentment.

The idea of “temperature” was discussed in Season 2, and if the plot were to go north, I believe the various ecosystems in the far north would serve as a clue.

She remarked, “Maybe I can portray the epidemic with zombies.” She was referring to the Annals from the Joseon Dynasty, which detailed how a strange sickness killed thousands of people in Korea.

“It’ll be an intriguing means to convey the sufferings and pains of the individuals of that time,” she said. That’s how I got the idea to write Kingdom, I said.

“Those who have watched will understand, but people like Lee Chang, Seo-bi, and Yeong-shin were all people who chase the plague, wish it never arose,” she said to Soompi.

“We’re thinking of doing that,” the producer said. “I’ve thought it would be good to have season three recount the story of chasing the cause of the plague.”

“Season one told the story with hunger, and the second season told the story of blood,” she said. If Netflix is on board, I want season three to focus on resentment.

The idea of “temperature” was highlighted in season two, and if the plot were to go north, I believe the various ecosystems there would serve as a clue.


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