My Hero Academia 4 and the problem of animations, right criticism of studio Bones?

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The episode 24 of My Hero Academia 4 anticipated one of the most important fights of the manga, or the one with which Endeavor will have to prove to be a worthy replacement for All Might. The season finale will be almost entirely focused on battle, and despite Studio Bones' good reputation, not everyone has confidence in the final result.

As you can see below, some fans have bitterly criticized the work done by the animation studio during this highly anticipated fourth season. The criticisms, motivated by what appears to be a bad key frame portraying them Wild Wild Pussycats, actually start from far away, or from the clash between Mirio and Overhaul shown last December in episode 11 of My Hero Academia.

Studio Bones worked hard during 2019, investing resources in the realization of the fourth season of the anime and the film My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. According to some fans, taking on two such important projects would have led to one less attention to detail regarding the anime series, and many fans fear that all this may spill over into the final fight between Endeavor and High End.

The fourth season of My Hero Academia, moreover, has adapted many more chapters than expected, even managing to insert the Pro Heroes narrative arc in a double cour season. During the two previous narrative arcs several battles were shown, almost all with high quality animations. To see how things will end, we will have to wait for next Saturday.

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And what do you think of it? Do you agree with the criticisms? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

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