My Hero Academia 302: The Todoroki Family Hero Appears

The manga of My Hero Academia ended the tragic backstory of the Todoroki family in Chapter 302, the second half of the “The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire” story arc.

This dark chapter covers the disintegration of Enji Todoroki / Endeavor’s marriage to Rei, after the Shoto’s birth, the couple’s latest “experiment” in combining quirks.

Meanwhile, we learn how “Dabi” seeds were planted in Toya early on and turned into twisted weeds of madness when Shoto was born. The chapter ends with a bold statement: “Shoto Todoroki is the one who will eliminate Dabi and redeem his family name.”

My Hero Academia: Capítulo 302 ¡Spoilers!

The history of the Todoroki family is especially tragic in My Hero Academia. Endeavor tried to push Toya back (even as he repeated his obsessive power mistakes with Shoto). Rei tried to get to Toya, and Toya just wanted to matter to her father.


The madness of “Dabi” in Toya was too ingrained and while emotionally hitting his mother, Toya continued to push his flames only in secret training sessions, terrorizing / enraging his father when he noticed his burns.

Foto: Shueisha – My Hero Academia 302

Endeavor took out his fears in an abusive way on Rei, while neglecting Toya and pushing Shoto further. Things hit the wall when Toya finally trained too hard and pushed too hard; incinerating an entire slope of the mountain (here the origin of its blue flames).

Toya’s “death” solidified the fall of the Todoroki family. As Endeavor brutally leaned towards Shoto, Rei began to resent Enji and the sight of his offspring. Even Shoto’s other siblings, Fuyumi Y Natsuo, they admit not having done enough to help straighten the ship, even if Endeavor was the one who turned it off course.

In the end, Rei declares that the entire family is to blame for Toya’s fall into darkness from becoming Dabi. She says that “Shoto is the hero of the Torodoki family” who will “save” them from legacy of shame and evil that Toya / Dabi has unleashed.

Shoto, however, has a different idea and tells his father that stopping Toya has to be a family affair, and that the two of them confront him. Chapter 302 ends with a comedic moment of Endeavor yelling “Shotoooo!”, While Best Jeanist Y Hawks they listen outside the room. You can read the chapter at MANGA More.

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