My Dead Ex Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know Far

The tragic twist of fate that befell the protagonists of “My Dead Ex” makes for an engrossing story. The tale follows Charley Albright and the strange relationship she has with her hopeless lover, Ben. After Ben asks Charley out for what seems like the millionth time, she finally agrees, but not because she feels the same way about him or because she wants to go on a date.

However, tragedy strikes on the date when Ben tragically loses his life while trying to impress Charley with a spectacular gesture. Then, she puts on the necklace Ben gave her when she was little and is overcome by sentimentality. That’s why he mysteriously reappears among the living. Although it may seem ominous at first, the show is really an entertaining and heartwarming story about adolescent life. You’ve probably been thinking about ‘My Dead Ex’ season 2 ever since the end of the first. Here is all we can tell you.

My Dead Ex Season 2 Renewal Status

My Dead Ex was quickly canceled by its premiere network, go90, following its first run. Unfortunately, the streamer never revealed the show’s popularity. However, after just a few months, the platform was rejected, and the program was canceled. Tumblr, however, took up the program shortly after Go90 dropped it. Tumblr, however, never came back to the program.

Fans were left wondering whether there was any hope for the show’s future. True or false? When Netflix decided to take up the program, it finally came true. The program was sadly only shown in the United States. Netflix stopped offering it for streaming after a few months. As a result, the likelihood of it coming back is quite low.

The streaming company ultimately decided to let viewers across the world vote on the fate of the program. Netflix has a history of bringing back canceled TV programs. This youthful drama, however, was not one of those times.

This was because My Dead Ex could only be seen via streaming in the United States, which did little to increase the show’s popularity. This may explain why the streaming service didn’t look into Season 2 of My Dead Ex. The program has 7.4 average user reviews on IMDb. However, Netflix has also not decided on the show’s future.

My Dead Ex Season 2 Release Date

On February 1, 2021, the first season of ‘My Dead Ex’ debuted on Netflix in its entirety. There are a total of eight episodes in the series, and each one runs between twenty-one and twenty-seven minutes. It premiered at SXSW on March 11, 2018, and then went on sale to Go90 subscribers on March 20. Due to the collapse of its original network, Netflix decided to take it up. Its innovative narrative and engaging protagonists won widespread acclaim.

Here’s all we know about Season 2 thus far. In the last moments of the first season, every possible loose thread is resolved. There isn’t much room for continuation after the fairytale-like ending, and the authors haven’t given any hints about a renewal. Season 2 of ‘My Dead Ex’ is very unlikely to be produced due to the aforementioned reasons.

My Dead Ex Story

Charley is a typical adolescent who has feelings for a gorgeous guy. Her obnoxious ex, Ben Bloom, is doing all he can to get her out on a date with him as she is trying to go out on a date with the handsome lad named Luke. She hadn’t had any feelings for him since she left him, but after he passed away, she began to reconsider.

My Dead Ex Cast

  • Katherine Hughes as Charley
  • Ryan Lee as Ben
  • Medalion Rahimi as Wren
  • Marc Evan Jackson as Vice Principal Kelly
  • Beth Littleford as Laurel
  • Ryan Malaty as Luke
  • Matt Braunger as Officer Mitch Maloof
  • Audrey Wasilewski as Mary Bloom

My Dead Ex Season 2 Plot

The program opened with Charley giving her number to her bully infatuation, Luke. Ben, who was really impressed by her, asked her out on a date nevertheless. But he was killed in an accident while attempting to win her over. Charley put on the necklace he presented to her when she was little as a way to honor his memory. He was unexpectedly resurrected as an undead creature thanks to the jewelry. The origin of the mystical necklace and its role in bringing him back to life was revealed as the play continued.

Charley avoids Ben as much as possible during the season. Ben was the one for her, she recognized in the end. He stood by her side when no one else would believe her. He supported her relentlessly and urged her to pursue her passion. If Season 2 of My Dead Ex is greenlit, we may assume that we’ll learn more about Ben’s acquisition of the mysterious necklace. The story will also follow the pair as they make their way through life.

My Dead Ex Review

There are many moving moments in this series that will make you smile and giggle the whole time. These include the breathtaking moments that give Wren butterflies all that she encounters with her crushes, the thrilling and enigmatic search to find the origin of a magical necklace, and many more.

The show’s characters are established, likable, and distinct enough from one another that viewers may enjoy themselves without being confused. One of the major characters is a total hottie, and the series will make you cry at least once.

Where to watch My Dead Ex Season 2?

Netflix has supported the first season of My Dead Ex, thus it is accessible there. The series is also available to stream, rent, or purchase on Amazon and Amazon Prime Video in addition to Netflix. If the show isn’t accessible in your country, a virtual private network (VPN) will let you switch your location and view it without any problems. This strategy works for whatever show you want to view. We would hope that the whole season would be accessible on the same channels if it were made available.

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