My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Release Date: Is It Renewed?

My Brilliant Friend is an Italian and Neapolitan language coming-of-age drama television series created by Saverio Costanzo for HBO. On November 18, 2018, HBO debuted the first season.

The second season began on Rai 1 on February 10, 2020, and on HBO on March 16, 2020; Elena Ferrante, Francesco Piccolo, Laura Paolucci, and Saverio Costanzo wrote all three seasons. The fourth and final season of the show based on Ferrante’s The Story of the Lost Child was renewed in March 2022. When will we be able to watch Season 4? What happens? How about the main characters? Keep reading to find out more about this series.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Renewal Status

Good news: we have it for you. On March 22, 2022, HBO announced on Twitter the fourth season renewal of the drama series My Brilliant Friend, which was directed by Saverio Costanzo, Alice Rohrwacher, and Daniele Luchetti. Unfortunately, this will be the last season. While this may be disappointing to some, keep in mind that even happy endings can be bittersweet.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Release Date

On February 28, 2022, the third season of My Brilliant Friend premiered with eight episodes, each running between 43 and 67 minutes. Since the fourth season was picked up in March of 2022, we can expect the premiere of that season to occur somewhere in 2023. Season 4 will be the last one for this drama, sadly. The next season, like the three preceding it, will reportedly have eight episodes.

My Brilliant Friend Storyline

Elena Greco and her best friend Lila (Raffaella Cerullo) met in the fall of 1950, during their first year in elementary school, and their story is told in the film, My Brilliant Friend.

Their tale spans over 60 years and takes place in the exciting but perilous city of Naples. Lila, who is both her closest friend and worst enemy, is the enigma under scrutiny.

My Brilliant Friend Cast  

  • Margherita Mazzucco (seasons 1–3) and Alba Rohrwacher(season 4) as Elena “Lenù” Greco, a girl from a poor neighborhood in the outskirts of 1950s Naples.
  • Gaia Girace as Raffaella “Lila” Cerullo, Elena’s best friend and, later, Stefano Carracci’s wife
  • Anna Rita Vitolo as Immacolata Greco, Elena’s mother
  • Luca Gallone as Vittorio Greco, a porter and Elena’s father
  • Imma Villa as Manuela Solara, Silvio Solara’s wife, Michele and Marcello’s mother
  • Antonio Milo as Silvio Solara, owner of the Bar Solara
  • Alessio Gallo as Michele Solara, Silvio and Manuela’s son. The character is also portrayed by Adriano Tammaro as a child.
  • Valentina Acca as Nunzia Cerullo, Lila’s mother
  • Antonio Buonanno as Fernando Cerullo, a shoemaker and Lila’s father
  • Dora Romano as Miss Oliviero, Elena and Lila’s elementary school teacher
  • Nunzia Schiano as Nella Incardo, Miss Oliviero’s cousin
  • Giovanni Amura as Stefano Carracci, Don Achille Carracci’s son and, later, Lila’s husband.
  • Gennaro De Stefano as Rino Cerullo, Lila’s older brother and, later, Pinuccia’s husband.
  • Francesco Serpico as Nino Sarratore, Donato and Lidia’s son.
  • Federica Sollazzo as Pinuccia Carracci, Don Achille’s daughter and, later, Rino’s wife.
  • Clotilde Sabatino as Professor Galiani, Elena’s high school teacher.
  • Ulrike Migliaresi as Ada Cappuccio, Melina Cappuccio’s daughter.
  • Christian Giroso as Antonio Cappuccio, Melina Cappuccio’s son.
  • Eduardo Scarpetta as Pasquale Peluso, Alfredo and Giuseppina’s son.
  • Giovanni Buselli as Enzo Scanno, Nicola and Assunta’s son.
  • Giovanni Cannata as Armando Galiani, Professor Galiani’s son
  • Francesco Russo as Bruno Soccavo, Nino’s friend
  • Bruno Orlando as Franco Mari, Elena’s first boyfriend in Pisa
  • Daria Deflorian as Adele Airota, Pietro Airota’s mother
  • Matteo Cecchi as Pietro Airota, Elena’s second boyfriend in Pisa
  • Giulia Mazzarino as Maria Rosa Airota, Pietro’s sister
  • Gabriele Vacis as Guido Airota, Pietro’s father
  • Maria Vittoria Dallasta as Silvia, a student and a young mother
  • Riccardo Palmieri as Gino, Elena’s classmate and first boyfriend. He becomes a fascist.
  • Giorgia Gargano as Nadia Galiani, Professor Galiani’s daughter
  • Fabrizio Cottone as Alfonso Carracci, Don Achille’s son.
  • Rosaria Langellotto as Gigliola Spagnuolo

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Plot

Elena Greco and her closest friend Rafaella Cerullo initially met in the first grade in 1950, and their story is the focus of the Netflix series that launched on November 18. In this story set in Naples, two friends navigate the trials and triumphs of growing up together.

My Brilliant Friend, The Story of a New Name, and Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay have all been adapted for the first three seasons of the show, and if rumors are to be believed, the fourth season will be based on Ferrante’s fourth novel in the series, The Story of the Lost Child, which will mark the end of Elena and Lila’s friendship.

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Trailer

There is currently no Season 4 My Brilliant Friend trailer available. The Season 3 trailer is available for viewing at this time:

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Episodes

There are a total of 24 episodes in the series through Season 3. Each of the first three seasons contains 8 episodes. Episodes typically run between 43 and 67 minutes long. Season 4 of My Brilliant Friend will likely follow suit, with the same number of episodes (eight) unless the creators opt to include an extra episode or two.

Where to watch My Brilliant Friend?

My Brilliant Friend season 3 has finally premiered on Apple Tv+, so if you’ve been waiting to catch up, now is the time to sign up for the service and catch up on all the episodes.

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