MrBeast Net Worth of $15 Million as of 2020

MrBeast is a well-know Youtuber that happens to be successful enough to become one of the most-watched Youtubers in 2019. Currently, MrBeast is living a happy and peaceful life with a Net Worth of $6 million. He did manage to have a huge amount of popularity and viewership on Youtube. Here is everything that you should know about MrBeast.

About MrBeast

The original name of MrBeast is Jimmy Donaldson. MrBeast was born on the 7th of May in 1998. He did begin posting videos on Youtube in 2012 when he was 13 years old. But at that time, Jimmy Donaldson’s primary focus was to post gaming videos. Earlier, Jimmy did name his channel as “MrBeast6000”.

If we talk about his education, then Jimmy Donaldson did his graduation from the Greenville Christian Academy in 2016. When it was the early days of posting videos on Youtube, MrBeast or Jimmy Donaldson did struggle much for getting views. But it is because he does not have enough experience and knowledge about the likes and dislikes of the viewers. Almost no person can reach the peak level with his first attempt and so the same goes for MrBeast.

MrBeast Net Worth
MrBeast Net Worth

It surely was some years of time for MrBeast to understand that he needs to change his content and style. After changing some things and themes along with his speaking style, there was an increase in views and popularity. The subscribers of his Youtube channel were gradually increasing by the day. The more he would put effort into making the video more interesting the more views the videos will get.

Well, most of the content of MrBeast’s Youtube videos will surely revolve around donating money for streamers and homeless people. While some other content will be based on several challenges or performing experiments for a longer period of time.

Jimmy Donaldson or MrBeast did create the Youtube videos with his roommate Chris in order to help the people in need. His videos will ask the viewers to donate money to female Twitch streamers and Fortnite players.

Not only MrBeast is generating a great revenue income from his MrBeast channel but also he has one more Youtube channel. Another Youtube channel of MrBeast has a name as BeastHacks which is also popular enough to earn some money. He will use his second channel to review, react, and comment on LifeHacks videos. Jimmy thinks that his second channel will let him think about everything from a different angle and point of view.

Some Accusations

It must surely happen that while you are running on your way to success, you will come across flowers as well as thorns. Jimmy Donaldson AKA MrBeast has been the center of attraction when it is about accessing inappropriate ways to earn money. MrBeast was accused to use clickbait to earn money and faking his own videos.

Youtuber FlyyDoesYT did accuse MrBeast of faking his videos and his employees feeling miserable while working together with him. However, when he was asked in an interview about the faking of videos and employees. Jimmy did reply that his videos are not fake and he did donate at least $500,000 to people appearing in his videos. Also, MrBeast did mention that his employees are so happy to work with him and trust him by heart.

Youtube Earnings of MrBeast

Youtube is the main source of earning for Jimmy Donaldson or MrBeast from where he is earning for a living and helping other people in need. As per the reports of 2020, we can say that MrBeast is enjoying a Net Worth of $10 to $15 Million.

According to SocialBlade  here are some quick stats about his youtube channel

  • Subscribers: 31.6M
  • Video Views: 4,812,385,842
  • Uploads: 694
  • Video Views for the last 30 days: 207.925M
  • Avg engagements per video 1.03M
  • Reactions 971,806
  • Comments 62,571

It is not possible to have an exact net worth of MrBeast as Youtube is not a static source of income. All the earnings and payables are based on the number of subscribers, likes, comments, and views. So we can roughly estimate the amount that MrBeast will be making per month is an average of $52k to  $831.7k.

Also, MrBeast may be earning an estimated amount of $623.8K to $10M per year. It is surely clear that he is making the most out of his Youtube channel. The hard work and effort that he did put into making a successful career are now paying off with a huge amount.

MrBeast’s Instagram Account

Not only MrBeast is focussing on running his Youtube channel consistently but also he is managing his Instagram account as well.  A quick check of his Instagram account is as follows.

  • Followers: 9,580,209
  • Following: 368
  • Engagement rate: 13.97%
  • Avg likes: 1,094,400.00
  • Avg comments: 243,897

If you do not know about the payable process of Instagram then it will be based on the followers, likes, and engagement rate. As per the reports by NinjaOutreach, Jimmy Donaldson’s estimated earning is around $9,289 per post. But there are sure brands that are paying a massive amount of fortune for their advertising on the post.

MrBeast has an estimated Net Worth of $10 to $15 Million as of 2020. MrBeast or Jimmy Donaldson has huge popularity and viewership that keeps on increasing by the month.

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