‘Paraíso’: intense trailer and release date of the series with which Movistar + seeks its ‘Stranger Things’

The shadow of ‘Stranger Things’ hovered over ‘Paradise’ from the moment it Movistar announced the launch of the series more than two years ago. Now the company has launched a first trailer of the series that reinforces that feeling, also announcing that his premiere will take place next June 4th.

A disappearance with supernatural overtones

‘Paradise’ will tell the story of the disappearance of three teenagers in a town on the Levante coast. There are no clues about what could have happened and the investigation has been stalled for a long time, which will lead to the brother of one of them initiating an investigation with several of his friends, but what they did not expect is that this mystery had a paranormal component. .

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The series has been created by Fernando Gonzalez Molina, which also takes care of the staging, Ruth García and David Oliva who has a cast headed by Macarena García, Gorka Otxoa, Pau Gimeno, Cristian López, León Martínez, Héctor Gozalbo, María Romanillos, Patricia Iserte and Iñaki Ardanaz.

The first season of ‘Paraíso’ consists of eight episodes is a co-production of Movistar + In collaboration with Globomedia. The truth is that the trailer looks very good, so I hope it is much more than an attempt to do ‘Stranger Things’ in the Spanish way.

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