This “Doctor Who” Star To Be A Part Of Yash Gill’s Power Half Hour!!

Everyone is isolating themselves at home during this terrorizing Coronavirus pandemic. But Sacha Dhawan is doing something creative amid this quarantine days. He was successful to create a whole new short film amid COVID-19 lockdown. You may have heard the name of this short film “Yash Gill’s Power Half Hour”. The Master that every series lover loves from the thrilling series “Doctor Who” is going to be the main character in this short film. Read more about the details in the article.

Sacha Dhawan’s Short Film

Sacha Dhawan is an English stage, voice, and screen actor that resides in Greater Manchester. The 36-year-old artist is well-known for his amazing performance in “The History Boys” in which he was Akthar. Apart from this, people also notice him on BBC One comedy-drama “Adaptation” and “Paul Jatri” in which he did play significant roles marvelously.

It will be surely exciting to watch the creation of Sacha Dhawan in the short film “Yash Gill’s Power Half Hour”. This short happens to be a monologue that the voice artist did create with putting so much effort and skills. The short film is written beautifully by Nikesh Shukla whom Sacha Dhawan did help providing the actual idea of the theme. Sacha Dhawan did produce the short film all by himself while Mili Bhatia did serve the short film as the director.

“Yash Gill’s Power Half Hour” is a part of the Virtual Collaborators Project by Danusia Samal. It is quite remarkable to come up with such creation amid this Coronavirus pandemic. It seems like bringing together several creators in one short film.

There are so many people who are currently suffering from mental health issues staying between four walls. So the short film will have a big advantage as the main idea is to explore grief, healing, mental health, etc. It is surely healthy to talk about mental health during these quarantine days. Sacha, Shukla, and Mili did team up to create such a knowledgeable and helpful short film that the audience will surely love to watch.

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