Mr. Iglesias Season 4: Renewal Status, Release Date, And Other Details

In the midst of our hectic schedules, we could all use a good laugh. Let’s say you had a hectic and tiring day. You really need to chill down. You need to forget about the events of a meeting, even the gaffes made or words said. A TV is turned on by you. The two of you choose a single comedy to see. You just can’t help but chuckle at all the hilarity contained inside. You’ll be laughing more and more as the party continues. After a while, you forget about the day. That’s the most enjoyable part of seeing comedic media, right? Speaking of which, in the early 1990s and 1920s, American television became dominated by a single subgenre of humor known as the situation comedy or sitcom.

The genre’s reach isn’t confined to the United States alone; it’s expanded across the world. One such American series with worldwide clout is “Mr. Iglesias,” which may be found in Netflix’s comedy collection. After three seasons, fans are wondering whether and when the show will be renewed and when new episodes will be available. Let’s sort out the truth from the fiction here. The release date, cast, narrative, and trailer for Season 4 of Mr. Iglesias are all included here, along with any other relevant information we’ve gathered so far.

Mr. Iglesias Season 4 Renewal Status

Mr. Iglesias Season 4 on Netflix has not yet been renewed. However, the show’s creator adds that he has ideas for the show’s future. Mr. Iglesias watches Gabe, played by Gabriel Iglesias, who is a high school history teacher. Despite having his own problems, he is trying to include even the oddball pupils in his class.

The show’s popularity has skyrocketed in a short amount of time because of its blend of humor and warmth. Even though Netflix hasn’t decided whether or not to renew the program, Iglesias claims he already has preparations in place. He suggests the pandemic as a plot device for the writers.

What is Mr. Iglesias about?

Mr. Iglesias is an excellent and amusing show about a high school teacher who does more than just instruct his students; he also acts as a bulwark against the principal’s assistant’s bullying tactics. With his guidance, his pupils were able to realize their full potential and achieve their goals. In 2020, the third and last season premiered, and on December 8, 2020, in the United States, viewers were treated to the series’ final episode.

Mr. Iglesias Season 4 Cast and characters


  • Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias as Gabe Iglesias, a fun-loving and good-natured history teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California.
  • Sherri Shepherd as Paula Madison, the thrice-divorced principal at Wilson High.
  • Jacob Vargas as Tony Ochoa, the honors history teacher at Wilson High and Gabe’s longtime best friend.
  • Maggie Geha as Abby Spencer, the overly-pure and naïve rookie history teacher at Wilson High.
  • Richard Gant as Ray Hayward, Gabe and Tony’s old teacher who still teaches English at Wilson High.
  • Cree Cicchino as Marisol Fuentes, Gabe’s favorite student, is very smart and always does well in school.
  • Fabrizio Guido as Mikey Gutierrez, one of Gabe’s dimwitted students who has a crush on Marisol.
  • Tucker Albrizzi as Walt, one of Gabe’s less-than-bright students who’s into Jamaican culture, especially Reggae and marijuana.


  • Oscar Nunez as Carlos Hernandez, Wilson High’s assistant-principal.
  • Coy Stewart as Lorenzo, one of Gabe’s students, is Walt’s best friend.
  • Gloria Aung as Grace, one of Gabriel’s students often described as “weird” who’s into hacking.
  • Bentley Green as Rakeem Rozier, the entitled star running back who recently transferred from Abby’s class to Gabe’s class at Wilson High.
  • Kathryn Feeney as Katie, a waitress at the DeBlasio’s Restaurant and later at Roxanne’s, where the teachers hang out outside of work
  • Christopher McDonald as Coach Dixon, the dimwitted and obnoxious football coach at Wilson High.
  • Jesus Trejo as Mr. Trujillo, another science teacher at Wilson High. He’s always seen with Mr. Gomez.
  • Brooke Sorenson as Whitney, a less-than-humble, privileged honors student who joins Mr. Iglesias’ class
  • Elora Casados as Jackie, the new guidance counselor and Gabe’s new love interest.

Mr. Iglesias Season 4 Storyline

Fans of Netflix’s Mr. Iglesias should not hold their breath for any summary information until much closer to the release date, since the streaming service has not yet revealed any. If Netflix decides to renew the smash comedy created by Gabe Iglesias, fans will be in for a treat. In the third season, there were many changes for both the professors and the pupils, and many hilarious shenanigans. Finally, after getting past their inhibitions, everyone broke into a lively dance routine that served as the perfect capper for the evening.

Season 4 of Mr. Iglesias will undoubtedly have more hilarious antics at Woodrow Wilson. Everyone will be getting ready for college, and there may be more revelations about Gabe and Jackie’s relationship in store for viewers.

Mr. Iglesias Season 4 Release Date

The first season launched on Netflix on June 21, 2019, while the second season premiered on June 17, 2020, after being renewed for a third season. Netflix revived the show for a third season, which premiered on December 8, 2020, thanks to positive reviews and viewership. The 21 episodes that make up the three seasons run between 26 and 32 minutes each.

No one has heard an official remark from the streaming service about a potential season 4, but if season 3 does well and receives enough positive reviews, Netflix won’t hesitate to give this series another shot. The series has, up to this point, received mostly positive reviews on review aggregator websites. Based on 6,047 votes, it received a 7.1/10 on IMDb. Season 4 of Mr. Iglesias will premiere on Netflix sometime in 2023 if everything goes well. Until we hear otherwise, consider this an estimate.

Mr. Iglesias: Where to Watch?

Mr. Iglesias, starring Kevin Hench, is available on Netflix and Prime Video to view.

Mr. Iglesias Season 4 Trailer

No teaser may be made available if the premiere date for Season 4 has not yet been declared. Watch the third season’s trailer right now to keep your funny bones warm while you wait.

Mr. Iglesias Season Ratings and Reviews

Iglesias, Mr. The humor of Gabriel Iglesias is fantastic, and the show’s popularity has steadily grown over the course of its three seasons, earning a 7.2 rating out of 10 on IMDb. There are 196 user evaluations for this program, with the highest-rated episode being the third season’s fifth.

Some users didn’t enjoy the series since they felt it wasn’t appropriate for their requirements and was aimed at children, but overall, it was generally agreed that the program was decent and had some funny moments. The series has an 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 9.1 rating on Premiere Date. Light sexual humor makes this comedy series inappropriate for youngsters under the age of 13, but those above the age of 13 will enjoy it.

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