more signings, more episodes and how wildlife invaded the streets during the pandemic

We are already in Holy Week, a few days of rest that we all appreciate, although still with mobility restrictions while we wait for the vaccines to begin to take effect on the population. If you are one of those who stay at home to protect those closest to you, here come the news and new content from Apple TV + that will keep you from getting bored this weekend.

Apple’s third great nature documentary

The news of the week is the official announcement of a new documentary called ‘The Year Earth Changed’, in which the famous storyteller David Attenborough will relate how nature made its way while we were all confined to our homes a year ago.

The documentary will premiere on Earth Day, April 16, in two weeks. In it we will see how the changes we were forced to make during the 2020 total lockdowns have already produced visible changes in nature, with some animals even venturing through empty city streets.

Here are some more news that have appeared this week:

  • The war series’Masters of the Air‘has signed a new actor to its cast of characters: Nate Mann joins the cast to participate in the sequel to’ Band of Brothers’, which will be produced by Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman.
  • Apple has hired Zennen Clifton, an executive who until now held the position of vice president at 3BD Networks studios. From now on he will work to continue expanding the development of series and movies on Apple TV +. More details are in Deadline.
  • This is not available in Spain but it is worth commenting: Apple has celebrated a theatrical adaptation of the work ‘12 Angry Men‘in the same Steve Jobs amphitheater from where we see many of the keynotes from Apple. In it we see true stories about what unfortunately black people in America today still have to endure.

Remember that today you also have a new episode of the series’For All Mankind‘and from the children’s series’ Doug, an Extraordinary Robot’. In addition, a special episode of ‘The Snoopy Show’ called ‘Carlitos and Pasqua’s dog‘. Enjoy them!

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