Mobile Tech Showing Strong Promise at CES 2022

Mobile Tech Showing Strong Promise at CES 2022

Mobile technology was one of the areas of technology that took centre stage at CES 2022. In this post, we will take a look at the big talking points from this year’s show and explain how you can attend CES 2023.

What is CES?

The Consumer Electrics Show, usually shortened to CES, is an annual conference or “get-together’ of the biggest tech companies in the world with thousands of people in attendance. It has been running for over 50 years to showcase the next big milestones across tech-related industries. The event is organised and ticketed through the Consumer Technology Association, previously known as the Consumer Electronics Association.

This year, the show returned to Las Vegas, Nevada, where a notable number of mobile tech developers made a great impression and over 40,000 attendees. 30% of all of these attendees jetted in from overseas and represented 119 different countries, making it truly an international event despite the current travelling climate.

One of the biggest takeaways from this year’s event is that the future of the smartphone sector promises mobile service providers, app developers, online retailers and mobile friendly casino sites a lot to be excited about. There were several smartphone creators at CES 2022, including Samsung, Blackberry (remember them!) and LG. All of them had a lot of pending smartphone innovations to tell us about.

What else was big at CES 2022?

One of the other big talking points at CES 2022 was the way that technology can tackle the climate crisis and improve general health. Samsung took to the stage as the main keynote of the event, which addressed the need for big tech companies like themselves to look at ways that their smartphones, TVs and other products can be offered and help the environment and improve health at the same time.

One example of this is how Samsung smartphones will be used in the future to detect air quality at home and trigger other devices to help filter and clean the air for healthier living. For further details and to watch the complete keynote, visit the CES website. Another is a shower made by Rainstick that recycles water by sucking up the water you just used; this could save millions of gallons of water each year.

How can I register for next year?

If you want to register to attend the next CES event next year, you need to register your interest on the official CES website. If you attended CES 2022 either in person or remotely, you can watch any of the keynotes again or watch the ones you missed via the official website as well. This will only be available throughout January 2022, so don’t miss out. Anybody can access the main keynote from their homepage. 

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