Missing: The Other Side Season 3: Release Date, Cast, And More

The Opposite Viewpoint is Absent Episodes 3–: Both critics and audiences enjoyed the 2020 release of the South Korean drama Missing: The Other Side. Intriguing plot points and believable characters make this series a visual delight for fans of thrillers and fantasies.

The show tells the tragic tales of Duon Village, a magical place where the deceased live happily ever after. Strangely, it seems to have helped people of many backgrounds who have watched it. Due to the recent release of Season 3 Episodes, very little is known about the upcoming season. Shouldn’t we watch each episode with full attention till we find out for sure? Here is the scoop on when Season 3 of Missing: The Other Side will premiere, who will be in it, and more:

Missing: The Other Side Storyline

“Missing: The Other Side” is a supernatural thriller, mystery, and drama in its Korean adaptation. Ban Ki Ri and Jung So Young are in charge of the script, and Min Yeon Hong and Lee Ye Rim are in charge of the direction.

A con artist, a hacker woman, a detective man, a kind man, and a joyful man are among the series’ primary protagonists. The show is set in a small town. The show also features some comedic elements, an emphasis on social justice, and the exploration of afterlife concepts.

Missing: The Other Side Season Cast and characters

  • Go Soo as Kim Wook
  • Huh Joon-ho as Jang Pan-seok
  • Ahn So-hee as Lee Jong-ah
  • Ha Jun as Shin Joon-hoSeo Eun-soo as Choi Yeo-na
  • Song Geon-hee as Thomas Cha / Cha Kwon-muk
  • Lee Jung-eun as Kang Eun-sil
  • Kim Dong-hwi as Oh Il-yong
  • Moon Yoo-kang as Kim Nam-gook
  • Kang Mal-geum as Kim Hyeon-mi
  • Lee Joo-won as Park Yeong-ho
  • Lee Joo-myung as Jang-mi
  • Ahn Dong-yeop as Park Beom-soo
  • Lee Ki-chan as Park Byeong-eun
  • Go Dong-ha as Kim Joon-soo
  • Jang Sun-yool as Seo Ha-neul
  • Park Hye-jin as Choi Mi-ja
  • Jo Yeon-woo as Lee Eun-ji
  • Lee Won-gu as Woo Il-suk
  • Kim Jung-eun as Jo Myeong-soon
  • Kang Seung-ho as Jang Myung-gyu
  • Ji Dae-han as Baek Il-doo
  • Kim Gun-ho as Im Wan-sik
  • Park Ye-ni as Detective Park
  • Lee Kyung-jae as Detective Lee
  • Jung Young-sook as Han Yeo-hee
  • Lee Yoon-jae as Lee Yong-min
  • Park Joong-geun as Han Sang-gil
  • Yoo Seung-il as Yoo Seung-ho
  • Choi Min-ah as Kim Soo-yeon, Han Yeo-hee’s deceased daughter
  • Kim Nak-yun as Manager Wang Myung-chul
  • Yoo Il-han as gangster
  • Park Won-suk as gangster
  • Lee Da-il as gangster
  • Kwon Ah-reum as Yang Eun-hee
  • Ji Dae-han as Bake Il-do
  • Lim Sun-woo as Moon Se-young
  • Jung Eun-pyo as Jung Young-jin
  • Choi Myung-bin as Moon Bo-ra

Missing: The Other Side Season 3 Plot details

The conclusion of Season 2 will have a significant impact on the story going forward. With no official narrative outline for season 3 as of yet, it is difficult to properly predict the storyline of future seasons. But the team will continue to investigate unexplained disappearances and give peace of mind to the departed. In Season 2, the action shifts to a brand-new town: the New Industrial Complex. Kim Wook, Jang Pan-seok, and Lee-Jong-ah are still the go-to guys when it comes to solving cases of missing persons where no remains have been located.

The season’s climax revealed that the protagonists were missing their absent loved ones. Lee-Jong has been trying to track down his fiancee ever since they broke up over a disagreement, while Kim Wook looked for his mother who had died when he was a child. The tragic end comes for every undead resident of Duon village. Throughout the season, viewers have been moved to happy tears by the characters’ endearing backstories. If a third season does get made, it will have the same balance of drama, mystery, and fantasy as the previous two.

Missing: The Other Side Season 3 Release Date

The second season of Missing: The Other Side premiered in the winter of 2022. Season 3 of Missing: The Other Side is likely to be renewed soon. Disregarding the Opposite Side The release date for Season 3 is currently unknown, however, it is anticipated that it will premiere no later than the fourth quarter of 2024.

As the Korean drama has already achieved massive success, the release of Season 3 will add trustworthiness. TvN viewers seem to find some strange solace in witnessing the afterlives of their favorite fictional characters who have passed on. Season 3 of Missing: The Other Side has not been renewed, leaving viewers concerned about the show’s future.

Where to watch Missing: The Other Side?

The show’s debut season will premiere in 2020 and have 12 episodes. The 14-episode second season premiered in December 2022. Netflix subscribers can watch the show.

Missing the Other Side Season 3 Ratings

There was a 5.9% national audience for the third season review of Missing The Other Side. According to IMDb, it has a 7.8 out of 10 rating.


“Missing: The Other Side” is a supernatural thriller, mystery, and drama in its Korean adaptation. There are 14 total episodes, all of which can be seen on TVN on Mondays and Tuesdays. Each episode runs for 60 minutes and is appropriate for audiences over the age of 15.

The dependability of the show gives us confidence that viewers aren’t going to be waiting too long between installments. If the renewal is approved at the start of 2023, we could see S3 in 2024.

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