My Hero Academia: All Might or Thanos? Here is the official verdict on the strongest

Thanks to the collaboration with Shonen Jump, Marvel Comics has made its debut in the world of manga with Deadpool Samurai, a work that has led readers to ask themselves a rather unexpected question: is Thanos stronger or All Might, the Symbol of Peace of My Hero Academia?

This question arises in the last chapter of Deadpool Samurai, in which the Mercenary Chatty finds himself in front of Thanos, the antagonist who in the movie Avengers: Endgame was about to end the protagonists of the Marvel cinematic universe simply by snapping his fingers.

In the manga, the Titan gets rid of the Hulk with great ease, but when he tries to do the same with Deadpool, the latter, with great cunning, sends a distress message to Captain Marvel, decisive in the film by the Russo brothers. However, the Chatty Mercenary misspelled the request for help and appearing on the scene is a decidedly unexpected figure.

In place of Captain Marvel, All Might arrives on the battlefield, who with a Detroit Smash well placed he gets rid of Thanos with a single punch. The Symbol of Peace, therefore, is confirmed as the most powerful hero of all. After stopping All For One, Thanos is added to the list of criminals he has stopped.

Con l’ex Number One Hero illustrated directly by Kohei Horikoshi, who knows if one day on the pages of My Hero Academia, or in some anime filler, some Marvel antagonist may not appear. Here’s how All Might rescued Deadpool in the official crossover.

Meanwhile, My Hero Academia has reached 50 million copies sold worldwide, let’s analyze the official data.

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