Valeria season 2-release date, cast, and details

Valeria season 2-release date, cast, and details


 A super hit Netflix series Valeria is all set to premiere its second season very soon. A series based on a romantic Spanish novel written by the author, ‘ Betacoqueta’ is based on the story of a female writer. Her life seems to be all messed up with professional and personal life being a roller coaster. As for everyone, her friends are her biggest support, even though their lives are not smooth enough too. There goes the series with all they do for themselves and each other. Let’s hope for the first season to make a mark in viewers’ hearts, so that, season 2 can be awaited.

Valeria Season 2 Cast

 Diana Gomez from Money heist is the casting actress in the series include Silma Lopez, Teresa Riott, Paul Malia, maxi Iglesias, and Ibrahim, Al Shami. The trailer for the season has been released already and is available for its fans. When Netflix decided to showcase the novel into a series, since then it has not looked back. The popularity of season 2, depends a lot on its season 1 success which is due to be released very soon.

Release date of Valeria season 2

Because season 1 is still waiting for it to be aired on MAY 8th, 2020 the forces expect the release date of season 2 to be in 2021, with no confirmed dates yet. Once season 1 goes on air, the confirmed dates of the release of season 2 shall be announced by the production house hopefully. Lots of expectations based on the storyline and the star cast, especially after the success of Diana Gomez from money heist, all the eyes will be on the actress. Keeping fingers crossed, and hoping for the best.

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