Minecraft Education Edition receives Planet Rescuers, a new educational adventure about sustainability and the environment

Defending the usefulness and use of video games in promoting knowledge and education are proposals that should always be valued. The use of many works that the industry has left us have a very powerful creativity and vocational promotion power.

Thus, Siemens Gamesa has allied with the Royal Academy of Engineering to launch an initiative aimed at primary school students in the Community of Madrid. Under the name of 1st Edition of the TECHMI-Siemens Gamesa Contest, both entities will use Minecraft Education Edition to boost STEM careers around the world.

Within STEM we find all those careers related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. With the intention of awakening vocations in these disciplines, a team competition will be held in Planet Rescuers, the video game created from the aforementioned version of Minecraft. You can consult all the information through this link.

Through a contest, Planet Rescuers proposes tasks related to sustainability, energy and responsible consumption. In this way, students learn STEM-related concepts with the sole objective of creating a sustainable world. The title has been developed by Possible Lab, with the support of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy within its social strategy.

Among the challenges to overcome are different missions, specifically the following:

  • Save humanity by recovering the Environment through a trip to the past.
  • Stop tree felling and help reforest the worst affected areas
  • In search of the lost Paris Agreement.
  • Help build and upgrade renewable energy systems – wind, hydro and solar power.
  • Create an offshore wind turbine by following the steps of the construction process.
  • Develop an efficient electricity supply and consumption system in the city and design your own world.

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After each session, the students will have to present a video of the preparation of the challenge, its development and the learning carried out and that they will upload to their social networks to be evaluated by the jury. At the end of September the corresponding prizes will be awarded to the participants.

Sara Gómez, director of the “Women and Engineering” project, stated that “our vocation with this initiative, which is part of the TECHMI training program, is awaken interest in engineering, as a tool with enormous transformative power of the society”.

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For her part, María Cortina, director of the Siemens Gamesa Social Commitment department, assures that “we want to awaken the interest of students in STEM disciplines, so that in the future they continue to generate solutions for combat CO2 emissions and to
Protect the environment

The first version in English and Spanish is already available and it is expected that by the end of 2021 it can be enjoyed in German and Danish, at least.

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