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Michelle Renaud and the condition that she is asked to star in soap operas

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During her visit to the program "D Generaciones" hosted by Arath de la Torre, Michelle Renaud said that on several occasions television producers have asked her to "fix" her body in order to offer her a project. The actress recalled what would be her first leading role in a soap opera.

"Having just undergone surgery (on the breasts), I was going to be in my first role and they spoke to me to tell me that they wanted me to have the bubbies and buttocks, and I did, 'but I already had them done,'" said Michelle Renaud.

The girlfriend of the also actor Danilo Carrera, also narrated another experience in this regard. A producer told her that she looked too "cachetona" to be able to interpret the character that could be for her.

'You are vegan, right?', And I, 'yes', and he said to me' but, what do you eat pure potatoes or what? You are really good, so the character doesn't work for me. '

"I was surprised and I said, 'Look, if you don't want a cachetona, you're not wasting my time with castings,' and what do you think? He gave me the role," she said.

Last February Michelle Renaud announced that she had removed her breast implants for health reasons, inviting all women to love each other as they are, "I realized that having implants did not go with my self-esteem or my lifestyle, was to put Marcelo's mother at risk, "he said at the time on his social networks.

In a dream they told me I had "poison in my chest" and he clicked a lot so I asked my mom for signs and just a friend uploaded a video that she had removed her implants due to the "Breast Implant Illness", I was impressed that They were my symptoms and at that moment I decided to take them off. I had 3 thoughts that gave me strength to go back to being flat. -Aesthetics will NEVER be above my Health. – How can I teach my son to love himself and his body? With implants in my body! – If I have a daughter and she is flat, what message would I give her? Total that I realized that having implants did not go with my self-love, nor my lifestyle, was putting Marcelo's mother at risk. My partner supported me a lot which I am infinitely grateful for and I started looking for a new doctor, I saw several, who said that the disease of the breast implant is not real, that some do break and are in danger or that others reject them but that does not exist I mean not at all safe, right? But in short, there are women who are accepted by their bodies throughout their lives and others who, after 10 years or months, harm them. In any case, everyone told me that if I had to undergo surgery to fix the bad job of the past surgeon, whether it was to remove implants or to fix I needed surgery. And I chose @drmoralesdelac I liked it because he spoke to me with the truth and knew perfectly the disease of the breast implant and also does explantations (bone removes the implants) and offered me a method in which I reconstructed my breast so that they were small but beautiful Total that I already take them off and now I want to share it, first of all because it does not make me more or less flat, and neither do you! I feel more beautiful than before, because I feel much better in health, I see that several of the symptoms are gone, I have more energy because of course I am no longer intoxicated! And in my video I share the whole process and post of the operation because I was terrified and I realized that it was much easier than I imagined. And I think that by spreading the word we can help many women. The breast implant illness is REAL. @breast_implant_illness

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