Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 167 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 167 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Readers are thrown into a maelstrom of feelings, riddles, and familial relationships as Mercenary Enrollment marks the 165th chapter milestone.

The action-packed manhwa, which has been constructing a story around Lee Jin’s former mercenary status, now takes a fascinating turn by exploring the aftermath of Joo Hyuk Jung’s hospital stay.

This chapter focuses on the relationship between two brothers, illuminating the complex interplay between street fight culture and home dynamics.

The upcoming release of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 166 has the fans thrilled. We all got to see Ijin in action as he went for the thugs who had earlier beaten Hyuk Jung and left them in a vulnerable state.

Watching the crooks get the punishment they deserved was pleasant because Hyuk Jung seems like a really nice guy. Among those willing to fight for justice on his behalf was Ijin.

Dushik seems to be joining this venture as well, since it’s clear that the people who organize underground combat rings won’t be the only ones to take criticism.

Now that more players are participating, the true extent of this madness will be shown in Chapter 166 of Mercenary Enrollment.

Hyuk Jin and Lee Jin will take care of Joo Hyuk Jung’s problems while he heals. Now that a significant arc has concluded, the action manhwa will now focus on street fighting.

And in Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 165, we will be concentrating on the relationship between a supporting character and his family.

By now, it should be obvious that the plot of the series places a strong emphasis on family and its significance.

Indeed, it all began with Lee Jin returning to South Korea and assimilating when his memory returned. Even yet, it demonstrated the extent the MC will go to in order to keep his sister safe from harm.

Among its devoted fan base, excitement is evident for the upcoming publication of Chapter 153 of Mercenary Enrollment.

But the current state of affairs presents a well-known difficulty because the chapter’s raw scans have not yet surfaced.

It is usual for uncooked scans to become available three or four days prior to the next chapter’s planned release.

A source of aggravation for fans who are eager to learn more about the happenings of Chapter 153 can be the lack of raw scans.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 167 Release Date

The eagerly awaited release of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 167 will shortly bring the series to a close. Yes, it is correct! This coming Thursday, December 16, 2023, is the release date of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 167.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 167 Trailer

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 167 Plot

You Ijin’s family was the only one who survived an airplane crash when he was a young boy. He eventually made his way back to his family home hometown after ten years of battling to support himself as a mercenary.

Since she knows there were multiple intruders and they are all at the same degree of expertise as indicated by the display, Alice refuses to accept it.

She was still unable to understand how one enemy could have defeated all of her operatives, including Anna, even at this late hour.

When Kim Seokjin, the leader of the infamous Black Dragon gang, finally faced Yu Ijin, he quickly realized that Kim was not your average gang leader but rather a buddy and old comrade from their mercenary days that had miraculously survived an airplane crash ten years prior.

To Yu Ijin, Kim Seokjin acknowledged that he was the one who shot him and sent him flying out of the plane.

He also admitted to joining the mysterious group responsible for Yu Jin’s sister’s kidnapping and the plane accident.

Because of Yu Ijin’s leadership role in the mercenary crew and the special treatment he got from their commander, Kim Seokjin showed his strong distaste for him.

Seokjin disclosed his intention to eliminate everything that Ijin treasured, including his friends, family, and eventually, himself.

The deceitful and nefarious deeds of Kim Seokjin greatly appalled and infuriated Yu Ijin, who vowed sternly to stop him and the organization from hurting anybody else.

Yu Jin or Kim Seokjin engaged in a fierce and deadly fight with weapons, swords, and their martial arts skills.

Yu Jin’s friends and the members of the Black Dragon gang watched the interaction without intervening.

Shin Yuna began Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 164 by expressing her hunger and kicking off a conversation about what to eat.

It turned out that the man with the bruises was actually his brother’s younger brother, and Hyuk Jin was demanding to know what had happened to him.

With the exception of one, two of the supporting characters are eager to discuss what to eat as well as what to anticipate. A man with numerous bruises is approaching them, and Hyuk Jin is becoming agitated at what she sees of him.

Hyuk Jin was also obstinate and persisted in asking questions until he received a response, even though his younger brother remained silent. The others made the decision to not interfere with their affair and to head out to the game cafe.

After settling the dispute with his younger brother, Hyuk Jin goes to the cafe with his pals to play.

There, they enjoyed themselves—some may even describe it as a slice-of-life moment—until a call form the hospital arrived.

Without notifying his pals what was going on or calling him later to fill them in, Hyuk Jin stormed towards the location immediately after.

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