Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 163 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 163 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Chapter 164: Signing up as a mercenary! The time to sign up as a mercenary is almost here, and readers can’t wait to see what happens next in the story. As it goes on, the tension keeps building.

Fans of the series “Mercenary Enrollment” can’t wait for Chapter 159 to find out what happens next after Alice in the Forest sneaks into SW. Let’s do a quick review of what happened in Chapter 158 to get ready for the next one.

Alice and Ijin will fight in an instructional match in Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 153. Alice broke into the SW because her boss told her to.

Alice is in charge of finding out important things about the SW. Alice has kept all of her skills and information secret so that no one can find out about her.

But she faces the final obstacle right away, when she should be taking a look at the problem.

Since Ijin was the youngest, Alice thought he would be the weaker. She doesn’t know this, though: he is stronger than everyone else.

It’s been slow lately to sign up mercenaries, but things are getting more interesting now that Alice is in the story.

There’s still not a lot we know about her, but the next part might tell us more. In the next part, Ijin will play a friendly match against Alice.

There are a lot of manga stories out there now because everyone loves them. A lot of people read a lot of different manga titles.

Each book in this series has a unique story and beautiful art. People have been drawn to manga stories.

We are going to talk about a well-known manga series in this piece. We are going to talk about the series “Mercenary Enrollment” in this piece. People who have read the 151 parts have given them high marks.

At the young age of eight, the main character, Ijin Yu, loses both parents in a terrible airplane crash. This leaves him to find his way alone in a strange land. He has become a child soldier to get through the hard times.

After ten years, Ijin goes back to Korea to be with his family again. He finds comfort in the fact that there is plenty of food, a safe place to stay, and peace and quiet around him. But he quickly learns that being a teenager means having to learn a whole new set of skills.

There is only one year left of high school for Ijin, so she needs to learn new ways to do well in school.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 163 Release Date

As soon as Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 164 hits the screens, the long wait for the next chapter will be over. That’s correct! Chapter 164 of The Mercenary Enlistment comes out this week, on November 25, 2023.

Now what do you wait for? Set your alarms and make sure you remember to do these things because the next part of the story about becoming a freelancer is going to be full of fun and exciting new events.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 163 Trailer

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 163 Plot

Yu Ijin moves around while thinking about what he just learned.

Hyung Nim has made a surprising finding. He thinks that Alice as well as the forest must have a deeper connection than was thought before.

He thinks about the idea that Alice’s family is her weak spot and decides if it’s true. He meets Alice through chance, which leads to the start of a conversation between both of them.

Yu Ijin hears from Alice that she is almost done with her move. She tells him about a personal issue that made her decide to leave, and then wishes him the best.

Hyung Nim and Yu Ijin talk about the sudden course of events on the phone. He shows how confused and shocked he is that Alice out of the bush was able to sneak into SW.

While Yu Ijin is traveling, he is talking for himself in his head and says that he heard that Alice’s family is her weakness, even though he doesn’t know for sure. At the same time, he meets her.

Chapter 153 of Mercenary Enlistment doesn’t have any spoilers yet because those typically come out a day before the book comes out.

In the next part, Alice will go up against Ijin. Alice thought she could easily beat Ijin because of his age, but she will be wrong when they fight.

She has too high of hopes for her, and I can’t wait to see how she reacts when Ijin beats her.

Ijin doesn’t hold back when it comes to anyone, so he won’t be nice to her. Alice will know what the highest card of SW is after this game. She will be shocked to see how strong a young man is.

Based on what’s going on, there may be a full-on fight between SW and the numbers, with Alice at the center.

She’s still unknown to Ijin, but he will learn more about her within the next part. Let’s see how the new story arc builds on what happened in the last chapter.

She then talks to 002 and tells him that he needs to know about the boss. But 002 had no idea who the boss was and knew nothing about him. He thinks Alice is talking regarding Forrest, who has now come forward in the game.

002 now says that Forrest may be the one who started the fight between them. But Alice tells 002 to cease playing, and that’s when the war begins. This is what 002 tells Alice when he has no idea what’s going on.

But he said Forrest is with Mad Dog, that is really behind everything. Those people are being chased by him, and now Forrest is on his side. She is only there to find out about the SW, though, so Ijin’s knowledge will be sufficient for her.

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