Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster: Announcement in September and Launch in October?

Rumors and rumors have been circulating for several months now regarding the possible publication of a remastered version of the Mass Effect trilogy.

Recently, however, the rumors seem to have become more insistent, with strange sightings that have been accompanied by cryptic considerations by some Insiders. On the one hand, active users on Reddit reported on alleged pre-orders of a Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered accepted by the UK retailer GAME. Now, to further pique the curiosity of fans, some developments come.

On the one hand, the post originally appeared on Reddit has been updated, with the reference date of the enigmatic preorder moved from 29 September to October 30. In addition, Twitter welcomed a message from the Insider Liana Ruppert, a big fan of Mass Effect. The latter reports that "Next month will be a great month forad of a particular game. We scream and rejoice together friends, but not yet …". To accompany the twitter, a gif bearing the words"Soon".

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Finally, the Insider has also joined the sequence of indiscretions Shinobi602, which also recently predicted the postponement of some Xbox announcements to September. The user commented on Liana Ruppert's message with an allusive image of a starry sky while on ResetEra commented on the twitter with an additional gif bearing the words "smart girl".

That the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster is it really reality? The community now seems to be focusing on an announcement in September with publication in October: at the moment, however, no official confirmation has come from EA.


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