Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The third season of Masamune-kun’s Revenge is a forthcoming Japanese manga series. This program was created by Hazuki Takeoka and hosted by Tiv.

The manga was serialized in the Japanese magazine Comic Rex from October 2012 to June 2018; Ichijinsha was responsible for its promotion.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge Engagement, a manga sequel, was serialized on Ichijinsha’s Comic HOWL website since April 2023.

From January to March of 2017, Silver Link broadcast its adaptation of a popular anime television series. The second season commenced in July 2023.

The premiere of the first season occurred on January 5, 2017. On July 3, 2023, the second season of Masamune-kun’s Revenge was released.

Fans of Masamune-kun’s Revenge are very eager for the third season along with want to learn more about it.

We comprehend your enthusiasm, so here are the specifics of the third season of Masamune-kun’s Revenge.

Silver Link Studio has returned with exquisite art for the second season of the anime series Masamune-Kun’s Revenge R.

As a director, Mirai Minato’s ingenuity has captivated the whole fandom. The series has not yet missed the mark with its pertinent comedy and drama.

They remind you of your suffering, and you now desire retribution against that person. This is the tale of Masamune, our high school student. Our protagonist seeks vengeance because his love, Aki, has wronged him.

If you watch the animated series, you will quickly fall in love with a romantic comedy program, despite the fact that the premise sounds quite terrifying. Recently, numerous individuals have inquired about a sequel.

Aki, his juvenile neighbor, tormented Masamune Makabe throughout his entire upbringing. The ridicule hurt the boy’s emotions, and he carried it with him for many years.

Makabe, after many years of self-assurance, prepares a transfer for the same school where his despised daughter Aki is enrolled.

If you are also keen to find out what happens next in Season 2 of Masamune-kun’s Revenge, then follow this episode guide, in which we will list the release dates and times for each episode.

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Season 3 Release Date

Masamune-kun’s first season was announced and premiered on January 5, 2017. There were a total of 12 episodes.

The remaining seasons will be disseminated in the years to come. On July 3, 2023, the second season about Masamune-kun was released.

Unfortunately, it remains unknown whether Masamune-kun will be renewed for a third season. Currently, the renewal status must be validated.

In addition, the program has not yet been officially approved by its production studio. Despite this, the show’s creators have expressed enthusiasm for a third season and suggested possible plotlines.

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Season 3 Cast

If renewed, Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 3 will feature the voices of Natsuki Hanae, Aki Adagaki, Ayaka hashi, Yoshino Koiwai, Inori Minase, and Neko Fujinomiya as Masamune Makabe. Suzuko Mimori and Tae Futaba are credited with voicing the characters. Voici the voice of Azusa Tadokoro.

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Season 3 Trailer

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Season 3 Plot

The series has not been renewed for a third season by Netflix. Due to the paucity of information regarding the third season of Masamune-kun’s Revenge, we can only make specific speculations about the plot.

Nevertheless, we can anticipate which the upcoming season will continue up where the previous season left off.

Masamune and Aki were compatible. Despite being similar to her, our protagonist felt differently about the overweight student in her class.

She was exceedingly affluent, and their relationship was initially close. However, Masamune eventually proposed to her.

Typically, stories concerning high school romances involve couples sharing welcoming gestures or endearing moments.

However, this is not the situation here. At the beginning of the anime, Masamune has a major infatuation on Aki Adagaki.

Aki, one of his pupils, is a beautiful young lady. Masamune progressively develops feelings of affection to feed her, and his regard for her increases with each passing day.

Masamune did have expectations, but aside of his rejection, he did not merit Aki’s actions. As a result of this maltreatment, Masamune began to recover.

He deceived Aki into falling in infatuation with him since he was covertly pursuing vengeance. He used to attempt to woo her.

This time, it was Aki who developed romantic affections for him. She received the same rejection from Masamune as she did the moment she proposed to him.

As a child, Masamune was bullied and ridiculed for being overweight. Masamune also had affections for Aki, but she rejected him and taunted him.

After being humiliated, Masamune began training alone to exact retribution on Aki. Masamune enrolls within Aki High School after transforming into a charismatic, intelligent, and vivacious young man.

Masamune and Aki were a companionable pair. Although our protagonist admired her, Aki did not feel the same way about the obese child in her class.

She was extremely wealthy, and their relationship was initially very close until Masamune proposed for her one day.

Typically, high school romance tales include affection and tender gestures or adorable moments between the couple.

However, this is not the situation. At the start of the animated series, Masamune has a massive infatuation on Aki Adagaki.

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