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María Félix and the time she took revenge on Pedro Infante for being angry

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There is no doubt that María Félix was an explosive woman when something did not seem to her and that is that the legendary woman confessed in one of her interviews that she was fed up with a Pedro Infante guitar, so she decided to break it, since she did not like it not at all and although I don't specify the reason he made it clear how he did it.

I broke it and Jorge Negrete's too, they already had me here, I no longer broke the box that Agustín Lara had also given me a strapped box, María said in an interview.

And it seems that when the lady did not like something it was weapons to take, because as everyone knows when something did not seem to her, she was on top of it like a whole fair, which is why she was known as a woman of character strong.

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"She would have her personal reasons, and they are respected. Thank you for the video," "Well said Maria Felix, I love it. A very wise woman shelving the past liked to live in the present," they wrote to Maria.

Recall that some of the artists who were afraid of him were Raúl Velasco and Juan Gabriel, the latter was shocked when the actress visited him in the program Siempre en domingo where he dedicated a song to him which at that time was very controversial.

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