Manifest Season 5: Will it Ever Return?

The passengers and crew of Flight 828 vanish and then return in the spooky thriller Manifest. But when it returns, the passengers seem to be seeing glimpses of what’s to come. Will Manifest: Season 5 bring an end to Flight 828’s tumultuous journey, or has it already concluded after four seasons?

There was a sense of finality in the Season 4 conclusion. A small number of the reanimated souls were able to outlive the death date and experience life again. Having said that, more is always desirable. Is there any way for fans to bring Season 5 of Manifest into existence? What follows is a comprehensive guide to Manifest: Season 5.

Manifest Season 5 Renewal Status

There are currently no plans for a fifth season of Manifest, and the possibility of it occurring is incredibly low. However, as Netflix has shown us, we should never say never.

Manifest was spared cancellation by Netflix, which renewed the show for a final season. Because of the nature of Manifest, Netflix will not renew the program for its last season only to order another one, as they did with Lucifer.

The tale Jeff Rake intended to convey was already in his head when he developed the series. After the program was canceled at NBC, his initial goal was to unfold the tale across six seasons. However, things changed when Netflix revived the series for a fourth and final season.

To adapt the narrative to the new time constraints without sacrificing the integrity of the original plot, Rake shortened it after realizing the finish line had been moved. Since Rake and the writers knew going into season 4 that it would be the final, it’s quite doubtful that Manifest will return for a fifth season, regardless of whether Netflix was to make the choice.

Manifest Storyline

Montego Air Flight 828 encounters a short spell of intense turbulence on its way from Jamaica to New York City. As the jet touches down at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, New York, the 191 people on board are informed by Robert “Bobby” Vance, the deputy director of the National Security Agency, that more than five and a half years have elapsed since they were believed to have died in mid-air.

Upon their return to civilization, the passengers confront the reality that their lives and loved ones have changed. They also start to see visions and hear voices that foretell what’s to come—calls.

Manifest Cast

  • Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela “Mick” Stone
  • Josh Dallas as Ben Stone
  • J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez
  • Luna Blaise as Olive Stone
  • Jack Messina as Cal Stone
  • Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl
  • Matt Long as Zeke Landon
  • Daryl Edwards as Robert Vance

Manifest Season 4 Ending

This episode picks up just after the events of the season-penultimate episode, which included Cal’s death. Therefore, the protagonists were already making plans for their ultimate verdict.

Olive finds out that Ben couldn’t have rescued himself if he hadn’t forgiven Angelina for Grace’s death. Ben decided to forgive her just before he was about to exact retribution, and the two of them got aboard the aircraft that had risen from a crash.

Accepting their redemption bows during the trial within the plane spared characters like Eagan, Saanvi, and Ben from a horrific end. Conversely, Angelina meets her demise as a direct result of her deeds from the past. Afterwards, a sinister angel appeared, serving as the last hurdle for the travelers.

After that, Ben and Michaela spoke out to protect the whole group, but the angel then vanished. So, the remaining travelers landed in New York seemingly unaffected. They traveled eleven years in the past and made it to the day of death.

The relationship between Jared and Michaela ended; Grace was living, and Olive and Cal were youthful again. With their second shot at life, the remaining passengers choose to spend their lives according to their destiny.

Manifest Season 5: Will it ever return?

From what I’ve heard, there will be no Manifest Season 5. The second half of Manifest’s fourth season brought the passengers’ narrative to a satisfying conclusion.

Although this may be getting close to the conclusion that showrunner Jeff Rake had planned for Manifest a few years ago, it is still not how the show was meant to go. It was Rake’s prior statements about his intentions for a total of six seasons that served as the basis for his plot development for the show.

Manifest is still two seasons short of Rake’s original goal, but it would be hard to make season 5 at this moment. Due to the condensing of Rake’s original plan into four seasons, the bigger tale has already been told, including the ending that Rake had in mind.

Manifest Season 5: Will there be a spin-off?

Despite the series’ conclusion, Manifest fans are holding out hope that the plot may be developed further in a spin-off. There is still no cause for celebration since Netflix has not officially announced that the series will continue.

Josh Dallas, who portrayed Ben Stone, has hinted that the TV program may make this a reality. He alludes to the possibility that the spin-off’s storyline takes place sometime after the events of the main series.

Eden, his daughter, or the eleven passengers who went missing at the season’s conclusion might be the center of attention. No one outside of the characters knows what occurred, even if they do.

Although not a comprehensive strategy, this may be the basis for anything, as it was established after the TV episode. Many Manifest viewers are excited about the prospect, and now it’s up to Netflix to decide whether or not to implement the concept.

Where to watch Manifest?

Switch streaming services if you can’t locate them. Attempting to materialize it there is futile. Manifest is available on Netflix and Apple TV at any time for US travelers. Amazon Prime Video and Vudu are other options, although they only provide the first three seasons.

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