5 Apps like Video Star

5 Apps like Video Star

Video Star is a really cool app that lets you create awesome short videos complete with background music and hundreds of amazing effects.

What’s more impressive is that it lets you pause and change scenes mid-recording. This allows you to effortlessly transition between multiple scenes all the while the background music stays in perfect sync.

Now, the app isn’t available from the Google Playstore. If you want to use it, then you need to download from TarskiTheme for Windows.

Alternatively, you can also try out these 5 apps that give you almost the same feature set as Video Star and are available from the Google Playstore or iOS Appstore.


Magisto is a powerful and popular app for creating short music videos for birthday greetings, event invitations, anniversary announcements, etc.

To use the app, you will need to upload a bunch of photos or a video from your Gallery, Google Photos, or even your iStock library. You can then edit the file using in-app features like cut, trim, merge, and reorder. There’s also the option to add text, change orientation, add colors, and so on.

Once done, you can pick a theme to stylize your media content from within the app. On top of that, you can add a music track selected from a vast commercially licensed song library.

The app also comes with paid subscription plans to remove watermarks, add premium themes, give you access to tons of FHD iStock video clips, and much more.

Funimate Video Editor

Funimate is a powerful mobile video editing app that gives you access to tons of amazing features to help you create awesome video clips to amaze your friends.

Within the app, you will find advanced features like transition effects, custom animations, video and text effects, colored filters, and much more. You can also add stickers & overlays as well as change the background to make a really fun video.

Once you are done editing, you can directly upload your creation to popular social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. Funimate also has its own community where users can share their work to gain recognition.

Wonder Video

Wonder Video is a fun video editing app that lets you swap faces with celebrities, or turn yourself into a cartoon.

To work with the app you’ll either need to upload a bunch of photos or a short video. Inside you’ll find a bunch of features that lets you edit your photos/videos to your likings. Once you’re done editing it, you can go ahead and add your cool effects and even a music track to complete your video.

Some of the amazing effects that the app provides include fire, magic energy, bomb effect, vanishing magic, etc. Also, by using filters you can distort colors, add a glitch effect, draw 3D wave art transformations, and much more.


Videoshop is a simple and easy-to-use video editing mobile app. It doesn’t overcomplicate things with too many features and filters, but at the same time, bundles in tons of useful options in an intuitive UI for a smooth video editing experience.

You get all the basic editing options like cut, trim, and even copy-paste video frames. On top of that, you can also tweak the video playback speed as well as rotate its orientation.

Other notable features include applying filters, visual effects, sound effects, and even music from Videoshop’s stock music library.

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Video Editor with Music Flimix

And last but not the least, we have Flimix, a video editor that allows you to take your simple photos and videos and turn them into creative and eye-catching videos, vlogs, and slideshows.

The best thing about the app is that it nails all the basics expected from a video editing app. You can cut, merge, trim, split, and create collages of video clips, all without loss of quality. Other than this, the app also allows you to tweak the speed and orientation of the video.

Once you have developed a video clip you like, you can beautify it with unique filters, licensed music (including locally stored tracks), special texts or styles, and much more. The app even allows you to record your own voice and add a dub track.

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