Lucifer Season 7: Will It Ever Going To Happen?

During its six seasons on Netflix, the show Lucifer was a huge hit all around the world. One of the most heartwarming love tales we’ve ever seen was concealed within what we assumed would be a series about the devil collaborating with a homicide detective. There’s no denying that Lucifer’s actors and story made it a worldwide hit, but the show’s future on the small screen is uncertain.

Season 6’s ending was unforgettable and sad, providing closure for various characters. The finale was beautiful, even if it did seal the door on any possible sequels because of how it dealt with the connection between Lucifer and Chloe. But, will that be the final episode of the series? Can we rule out the possibility of a future season of Lucifer? Everything you require to know about Lucifer, Season 7, is right here.

Lucifer Season 7 Renewal Status

After three seasons on Fox, the show was so popular that it was picked up for a fourth season by Netflix. But even in his new home, Lucifer had a finite lifespan. The last season of the Tom Ellis-led show is over, wrapping off the story of the show’s namesake devil. Why, then, isn’t Lucifer returning for a seventh season? The explanation is straightforward. The show ended after its sixth season because it was not renewed for a seventh. The seventh season of Lucifer has been scrapped.

Why is Lucifer Season 6 the end?

The initial concept for Netflix’s Lucifer was to end the series after five seasons with a shocking revelation about God. The streaming service later reversed its decision and confirmed the show would return for a sixth season. The 10 further episodes of Lucifer scheduled to air beginning in June 2020 will allow for a satisfying conclusion to the series.

Don’t get your hopes up, since there won’t be a Season 7 of Lucifer. Season 5 was supposed to be the last, but Netflix renewed it for another two seasons. The revelation that Season 6 will be the “final” season, however, suggests that there are no plans for any subsequent seasons.

About the Lucifer TV Series

Fox aired the comedy-drama series Lucifer in 2016, and it follows a police department. The show’s namesake, Tom Ellis, is played by Tom Kapinos. The first season of Lucifer ran from January 25 to April 25, 2016, and featured a total of 13 episodes. Between September 19, 2016, and January 30, 2017, the second season broadcast its 18 episodes. Airing from October 2, 2017, through May 28, 2018, the third season contained 26 episodes. The launch of the fourth season on Netflix was May 8, 2019.

The show’s success and the audience’s mixed reactions encouraged the creators to greenlight seasons 5 and 6. The focus has shifted to Season 7 of Lucifer. Without a renewal for a seventh season, this will be the series’ final year on air. So, there won’t be a seventh season of Lucifer.

Lucifer Cast

  • Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar: Lord of Hell, Lucifer, after becoming bored with his life and abandoning his throne for five years
  • Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker: Her late father was an LAPD officer, and she is a homicide detective.
  • Kevin Alejandro as Detective Daniel “Dan” Espinoza: An LAPD homicide detective and Chloe’s ex-husband.
  • D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel: An angel, Lucifer’s older brother, and the eldest of all their siblings.
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen: Confidante and devoted ally of Lucifer, “Maze” for short.
  • Scarlett Estevez as Beatrice “Trixie” Espinoza: Chloe and Dan’s daughter, who befriends Lucifer and Mazikeen.
  • Rachael Harris as Dr. Linda Martin: Lucifer’s Stanford-educated psychotherapist.
  • Kevin Rankin as Detective Malcolm Graham: A police officer who was shot prior to the beginning of the series.
  • Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez: A forensic scientist for the LAPD, originally from Detroit.
  • Tricia Helfer as “Mum” / Goddess and as Shirley Monroe: Lucifer and Amenadiel’s mother and exiled wife of God, who has escaped her prison in Hell.
  • Tom Welling as Lieutenant Marcus Pierce / Cain: A highly respected police lieutenant who oversees the work of Chloe, Dan, and Ella at the LAPD.
  • Inbar Lavi as Eve: The world’s first female human who recently left Heaven, Cain’s mother and former lover of Lucifer.
  • Brianna Hildebrand as Aurora, aka Rory: A half-human-half-angel who shows up in Hell and then on Earth seeking vengeance on Lucifer.

Lucifer Season 7 Plot

The sixth season was supposed to be the last one. Unfortunately, after season seven, the show was canceled. Ellis Lucifer’s tale continues in the fifth season, and he’s bored and unhappy in his role as Lord of Hell. He abdicates his lordship and relocates to Los Angeles, where he assists LAPD investigator Chloe Decker. Secrets would be exposed and fan favorites would be sacrificed in the last season. We don’t know what will happen in Season 7 or Season 6. According to rumors, the sixth season will pick up just where the fifth left off narratively. It looks like we have a while before the trailer for season seven is made available.

Will there be a Lucifer Spinoff?

Rory’s (Brianna Hildebrand) continued presence after Lucifer and Chloe’s narrative concluded makes this possible. The show doesn’t tell her what will happen to her in the end, but it doesn’t give her much agency either. Neither Henderson nor Modrovich plans to visit Earth anytime soon. However, the entertainment industry has evolved, and revivals and reunions are now the norm. Season 7 of Lucifer is quite unlikely, although fans may see him coming back to this universe in some other way. When things in the afterlife are at stake, anything goes.

Where to watch Lucifer?

Netflix is the primary global distributor of Lucifer. This is because, in much of the world, you can watch every episode of Lucifer on Netflix. In the United Kingdom, however, things are a little different because the streaming service only provides seasons four and five. Meanwhile, people in the UK who want to see episodes from Seasons 1-3 of Lucifer will need an Amazon Prime Video subscription. In addition, Amazon Prime Video sells and streams episodes from Seasons 1-4 of Lucifer.

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