W: Two Worlds Apart Season 2: Release Date And Everything We Know About

‘W’ or ‘W: Two Worlds’ is a 2016 MBC drama from Korea. The 16-part suspense thriller is directed by Jung Dae-Yoon and written by Song Jae-Jung, and it focuses on the events that occur when “two worlds—our actual world and an alternate universe inside a webtoon—collide.” Hence, the moniker. As expected for a critically acclaimed fantasy series, ‘W’ had massive viewership figures from the start of its run and remained at the top of the Content Power Index for the whole season.

W: Two Worlds Apart Season 2 Release Date

The likelihood of a quick premiere of Two Worlds Apart Season 2 is currently low. There is absolutely no chance that it will come out within the next six months. The main cause is the producers’ denial of the second season’s announcement. The lack of an established concept and storyline for Season 2 is another factor in the network’s decision to downplay the news. Since the first season set such a high standard, everyone is looking forward to the second season even more than they did the first. The producers are still looking for a story because they don’t want to let the fans down or dash their aspirations.

W: Two Worlds Apart Storyline

The webcomic W is the focus of ‘W,’ a documentary about the life and work of webcomic artist Oh Seong-moo. Sheong-moo’s drinking got better after his divorce, but before ‘W’ became a bestseller in South Korea, he was already a minor celebrity.

The webtoon’s protagonist, Kang Chul, is a dashing young man of extraordinary intelligence and skill with a gun. After winning the Olympic shooting competition in 2004 in Athens, he quickly became a national hero in his home country of Korea. When his family is slain, though, everything in his life changes. When Kang Chul is wrongly accused of a crime, Han Cheol-ho takes up his cause and asks the court to sentence him to death. However, Kang Chul is finally successful in demonstrating his innocence. At one point, he decides to end his life by jumping into the Han River, but he changes his mind.

Almost a decade later, Kang Chul has become a multimillionaire and launched “Project W” to track down the person responsible for killing his family. He is also involved in the project because he owns a television broadcasting company. One night, though, he receives a mystery phone call and is brutally attacked by the webcomic’s main villain.

W: Two Worlds Apart Cast

  • Lee Jong-suk as Kang Cheol; The lead character of the popular comic series W. He is the co-CEO of the e-commerce company JN Global, owner of broadcasting channel W, and an Olympic gold medalist in shooting in his youth
  • Han Hyo-joo as Oh Yeon-joo; A second-year resident cardiothoracic surgeon in Myung-sei Hospital.
  • Hyun Seung-min as teenage Yeon-joo
  • Park Min-ha as child Yeon-joo
  • Kim Eui-sung as Han Sang-hoon; The real killer of Kang Cheol’s family.
  • Jung Yoo-jin as Yoon So-hee; Kang Cheol’s long-time secretary and his friend since they were in high school.
  • Lee Tae-hwan as Seo Do-yoon; Kang Cheol’s loyal bodyguard and close friend.
  • Park Won-sang as Han Cheol-ho; A secondary antagonist of the webtoon.
  • Cha Kwang-soo as Son Hyun-seok; The director of Project W, a program specializing in criminal investigation, and the general manager of the broadcasting channel W.
  • Kim Eui-sung as Oh Seong-moo; Yeon-joo’s father and a famous artist who created the webtoon W.
  • Lee Si-eon as Park Soo-bong; An apprentice of Seong-moo and confidante of Yeon-joo
  • Nam Gi-ae as Gil Soo-sun; Yeon-joo’s mother and Seong-moo’s ex-wife.
  • Heo Jung-do as Park Min-soo; Cardiothoracic surgeon and Professor at Myung-sei Hospital. He is a passionate fan of W
  • Kang Ki-young as Kang Suk-beom; a Second-year resident cardiothoracic surgeon at Myung-sei Hospital and Yeon-joo’s friend
  • Lee Se-rang as Gil Soo-young; Yeon-joo’s aunt
  • Ryu Hye-rin as Sun-mi; Seung-moo’s apprentice
  • Yang Hye-ji as Yoon-hee; Seung-moo’s apprentice
  • Kim Ik-tae as Assemblyman
  • Noh Haeng-ha as Kim Yoo-ri
  • Nurse at Myung-sei Hospital.
  • Ri Min as Team Leader Park

W: Two Worlds Apart Season 2 Plot

The first season of Two Worlds Apart told a complete story that concluded definitively in the season finale. Because they haven’t come up with a concept that will pique viewers’ interest like season 1 did, the showrunners have yet to commit to making a second season. However, if we take a realistic view of the second season, we may expect to see the same girl trapped in a webtoon universe that is vastly different from the first. It will be interesting to see how the writer wraps up the plot of the second season. However, that won’t be possible until the producers announce the show’s second season.

W: Two Worlds Apart Season 2 Trailer

Watch the first season of ‘W’ official trailer down below! Hulu is presently broadcasting all of the seasons of the show in case you have missed any of the action.

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