“Lucifer” Season 5 Is Now The Biggest Opening Weekend Debut TV Series On Netflix!!

After four successful seasons, season 5 did release recently leaving fans and viewers with a feeling of excitement and pure joy. Season 5 did premiere recently on 21 August 2020 and it is currently trending worldwide. There are so many fans and followers of this amazing and exciting series all over the world. The series premiere on the last weekend did break all the previous records. “Lucifer” is now the biggest opening weekend debut TV series on the streaming giant. It breaks the record of “The Umbrella Academy” for having the biggest opening weekend for a TV series.

If you are a fan of “Lucifer”, you must know that Netflix did scoop up the series from Fox season 4 onwards. Season 5 indeed divides into two halves which makes all the fans eagerly wait for the next half of the series. The first half of this American urban fantasy television series did premiere recently with 8 thrilling episodes. Also, the series has a surprise second revival with the sixth installment of the series in work currently. So fans are more than happy to know that they can hope for the sixth season of “Lucifer”.

In total,  your favorite series “Lucifer” did make a score of around 670 points over its opening weekend. Achieving the top spot in the entire country is worth 10 points while achieving the 10th position is worth 1 point. Also, the series no being able to come in the top 10 selection is worth 0 points.

“Lucifer” Season 5 Becomes The Biggest Opening Weekend TV Series

The opening weekend of the series premiere of “Lucifer” surely did beat up “The Umbrella Academy” which has 643 points. “Lucifer” is now the most successful and top debuts on Netflix for a TV series. The series opening weekend debut also rises to the fourth biggest weekend overall debuts. The Old Guard gets the 1st position, while Project Power is at 2nd position, and The Kissing Booth Season 2 is at position 3.

Here is the list of the countries that did not see “Lucifer” to rise up on the top spot. Although, the names of countries in the list that is given below did feature within the top 10s. You can have a look at the below countries where the series seems to be underrating.

  • Ireland
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • Colombia

If we consider the country of Ireland which is the only English speaking country on the list. Then “The Fall and Dirty John” was the one to beat up the thrilling and record-breaking series “Lucifer”. Also, the series was not able to take down “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay” in most Asian countries.

It is somewhat surprising that the “Lucifer” series was also not able to feature on Netflix Germany Top 10. But that seems like it due to the Amazon Prime that still, holds the rights to all seasons along with other newly created seasons. On the other hand, Netflix UK does not have any access to the previous three seasons of “Lucifer” as it resides with Amazon Prime. Season 5 of “Lucifer” is indeed amazing and exciting.

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