Lovestruck In The City Season 2: Release Date, And All You Need To Know

South Korean romantic drama “Lovestruck in the City,” written by Park Shin-woo and Jung Hyun-jung, follows 32-year-old architect Park Jae-won as he falls for the free-spirited Yeon Seon-a he meets on Yangyang Beach. In the end, he realizes that she is the one for him and falls in love with her. Unfortunately for the self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, Yeon Seon-a is hiding behind an alias. Park Jae-won feels devastatingly rejected by her. As events progress, he learns why she hasn’t been in touch.

‘Lovestruck in the City’ is an interview-based documentary that follows six people (including Park Jae-won and Yeon Seon-a) as they navigate the dating scene in Seoul. All six personalities offer their own distinct take on love and romance. Reviews for the show have been mostly positive, with several commentators saying they think it would be a great place for someone unfamiliar with K-dramas to jump in. The second season of “Lovestruck in the City” has fans eager for information. Here is what we know for sure!

Lovestruck In The City Season 2 Renewal Status

Smitten in the Big Apple The producers of this show have not yet confirmed a second season, but we can be assured that it will happen very soon. Viewers clearly like the series’ premise and the first season’s execution, therefore they feel it’s imperative that the show return for a second season.

Lovestruck In The City Season 2 Release Date

People started clamoring for a second season of Lovestruck in the City after the first one was such a huge hit. It’s very clear that the creators will return for a second season after the success of the first. There has been no confirmation from the creators that Lovestruck in the City will return for a second season. There is also no set timetable for this to occur. The second season of Lovestruck in the City has been delayed until 2022, according to many entertainment industry analysts.

There is currently no word this year of any such release being planned. There is, however, a chance that Lovestruck in the City will return for a second season from Kakao M.

Lovestruck In The City Storyline

Lovestruck in the City is a Korean romantic drama that follows six twenty-somethings as they navigate the exciting city of Seoul. Beginning on a busy downtown street, the story follows Lee Eun-o (Jung Yoo-jin) and Park Jae-won (Ji Chang-wook). Despite their instant chemistry, they part ways after only a day of hanging out.

The show then follows the stories of secondary characters like Seo Rin-yi, Kang Gun (Kim Ji-won), a man trying to forget his past relationship, Oh Sun-young (Han Ji-eun), a webtoon writer dealing with emotional issues, and Choi Kyung-joon (Ryu Kyung-soo), a free-spirited architect (So Joo-yeon), a woman trying to find her place in the world. As the story progresses, the characters’ lives become intertwined, and they begin to reflect on the complexities of modern romance. Love, friendship, and the challenges of settling into adulthood in a big city are all topics explored in the show.

Lovestruck In The City Cast and characters

  • Ji Chang-wook as Park Jae-won, a 32-year-old architect.
  • Kim Ji-won as Lee Eun-o / Yoon Seon-a, 29-year-old freelance marketer
  • Kim Min-seok as Choi Kyeong-jun, a 29-year-old architect working in a firm established by his father and uncle; Rin-i’s boyfriend.
  • So Joo-yeon as Suh Rin-i, a 29-year-old part-timer doing many jobs and going steady with Kyeong-jun.
  • Ryu Kyung-soo as Kang Geon, a 29-year-old novelist who has not dated for 2 years. He is Eun-o’s roommate and best friend.
  • Han Ji-eun as Oh Seon-yeong, 30-year-old gym teacher in high school who is a serial dater by self-admission; Geon’s ex-girlfriend.
  • Son Jong-hak as CEO Park, father of Park Jae-won and uncle of Choi Kyeong-jun
  • Hong Soo-joo as Hae-na, an actress
  • Lee Suk-hyung as Kang Byung-joon, a police officer
  • Lee Sang-yoon as Go Gyeong-gu
  • Lee Sang-woo as Bin, owner of ‘Bin-Bin Surfing’
  • Park Jin-joo as Ra-ra, running ramyeon shack on beachfront
  • Choi Min-ho as Oh Dong-sik, a police officer
  • Pyo Ye-jin as Yoon Seon-a
  • Yang Dae-hyuk as Yoon Byung Soo, Hae-na’s manager
  • Jung Ji-hyun as customer in Ra-ra’s Ramyeon
  • Min Sang-woo as customer in Ra-ra’s Ramyeon
  • Hwang Hee as Cha Chi-hoon
  • Kim Do-geon as Seon-yeong’s ex-boyfriend

Lovestruck In The City Season 2 Plot

Unexpectedly, the season one conclusion does not center on the central characters. It concludes with secondary characters receiving more attention than the primary ones. The first season uses an interview approach to portray the participants’ dating life with all their drama, comedy, and romance. Jae-won and Lee Eun Oh work out their disagreements and become a couple in the second-to-last episode.

Since the first season focuses on supporting cast members, the second season may introduce new characters. It’s possible that the program may focus on the complicated dynamic between Kang Geon and Oh Seon Yeong if some of the original cast returns. Fans have also had a hard time coping with Rin Yi and Kyeong Jun’s tragic split. This raises the possibility that they will return in season 2 to work out their issues and eventually fall in love again.

Lovestruck In The City Season 2 Trailer

The second season of Lovestruck in the City does not yet have an official trailer online. A stunning 40-second trailer for Lovestruck in the City was released just weeks before the 2020 release date. All six characters’ romantic and dating life was highlighted in the trailer. Many viewers also enjoyed the trailer.

Lovestruck In The City Season 1 Rating

Positive responses have been made to Lovestruck in the City. The popular review aggregator MyDramaList gave the drama an 8.0 out of 10, and the more widely used IMDb gave it a 7.6. The show has been praised by fans and critics alike for its original storytelling style, beautiful cinematography, and likable characters.

Where to watch Lovestruck In The City Season 2?

On December 22, 2020, Kakao TV aired the pilot episode of Lovestruck in the City. The programs aired on Tuesdays and Fridays at 17:00 KST. Up to February 2021, you can watch all 17 episodes online. Lovestruck in the City season 1 has 17 episodes and is currently streaming on Netflix throughout the world.

As a result, Season 2 is likewise likely to be available via digital streaming. Therefore, a Netflix membership is required to watch Lovestruck in the City, Season 2 online. Television broadcasts are also planned, just like the first season.

Is Lovestruck in the City Worth watching?

Lovestruck in the City, a Korean romance drama, presents an interesting new angle on romantic partnerships. The unique structure of the show, which alternates between present-day interviews with the characters and flashbacks to their past, adds layers of intricacy to the plot. Each likable and realistic character has their own quirks and flaws that make them feel like they could be a genuine person.

There are many touching and emotional passages because of the undeniable chemistry between the main actors. If you’re a fan of dramatic comedies with strong characters, you should definitely check out Lovestruck in the City. You will laugh, weep, and root for the protagonists as they experience the highs and lows of love and life.

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