‘LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS’, the trailer for the second season promises spectacular short films on Netflix

In spring 2019 we could see for the first time the premiere of ‘LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS’ on the Netflix platform. A set of animated shorts starring David Fincher and Tim Miller. Now Netflix has prepared a second volume of shorts that will be released this coming May 14. And we already have a spectacular trailer of them.

In ‘LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS’ the creators of each short film have the opportunity to offer their vision or idea of ​​any of the themes that make up the series: love, death and robots. The first volume released in 2019 consisted of a total of 18 animated shorts.

Volume 2 in May, Volume 3 in 2022

As announced by Netflix, the animated anthology will return to its platform with new short films this coming May 14, 2021. He has announced it by releasing a new trailer for the second season (or Volume 2, as they call it) in which we can see some of the characters and part of the stories that will make up the collection.

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Likewise, Netflix is ​​preparing a third season of the work. According to the trailer, Volume 3 of ‘LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS’ is expected to premiere in 2022.

Tim Miller, David Fincher, Jennifer Miller y Joshua Donen They are the producers behind Volume 2 of the series as well. Of course, it is not clear who is behind each of the short films or who are their main interpreters. It is something that Netflix has not announced this time.

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“From wild adventures on distant planets to unsettling encounters close to home” is the only thing Netflix lets us know about the series in its trailer. We will see in the coming weeks if they release more trailers. Otherwise, it will be necessary wait for may 14 to get rid of doubts about the series and the different short films that make it up in this second season.

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