“Looking For Alaska”: Will Become a Hulu Series Now

“Looking For Alaska”: Will Become a Hulu Series Now

When The Fault in Our Stars was adapted for the movie, Movie is turn out to best in Hollywood. As compare to J.K Rowling, The Fault in Our Stars Become the imagination of the Millenium. The reason behind it is the young artists create the magic of romance on screen. Now hope for “Looking For Alaska” which turn out to be Hulu Series.

Looking for alaska
Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska is John Green’s Debut book. Still, The Fault in Our Star is adopted for the movie before a debut book. Now, Waiting is over to create magic on the screen once again with Looking For Alaska.

Hulu is the Streaming partner of the limited series Looking For Alaska, Fans of John Green are waiting to see masterpiece again. Before the Hulu Series, let’s see some interesting facts.

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1. Different Cast Selection 

The Cast will be different from any other John Green Movie adaptation. In Paper Town, Some cast member of The Fault in Our Star. But this happened in 2015. In Four years of the plan, Makers have changed their decision about the cast.

In 2015,  If Looking For Alaska is decided at that time, then Makers looked for the Repetition of the cast. These Four Years make a difference to select the new cast for “Looking For Alaska.”

Leads have been changed, and it is entirely new. Charlie Plummer Plays Miles “Pudge” Halter, and Kristine Froseth plays Alaska Young. The producer is John Green. There are some sex scenes and explicit language, for the Hulu is becoming a faithful streaming partner without R rating and NC-17 In Movies.

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2. If you liked “The Fault in Our Star, ” then “Looking For Alaska” you will love. 

We can say that “Looking For Alaska” is loosely based on Green’s own life. When he lived in Alabama. Teenage Romance spread the magic on Screen, and Young fan and reader are eagerly waiting for another love chemistry.

3. Death in Love Story is a Nightmare

In Looking For Alaska, On Halfway of the book, Alaska Young dies in the car accident. Guess this scene will perform, and you are halfway in the series, which things are going through on the audience heart.

There is many ups and downs are in the way of leading characters. Hard Upbringing time, Character committed Suicide. Wondering all these things in series, Heart will be going in favor of “Looking for Alaska.”

Hulu Series will be going through like reading one by one chapter of looking for Alaska.

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