Waiting for iPhone 11 & 5G Technology in it, Lookout before here

Waiting for iPhone 11 and 5G Technology in it, Lookout before here:

Three iPhone Model is about to launch in 2020, and all of them are 5G Supported. Apple Insider Ming-Chi Kuo is already confirmed that in MacRumors report. You know the who is the 5G Modem Chips supporters and providers Intel. In February, Intel’s Head of Networking, Sandra Rivera makes a statement in front of media at a Palo Alto Event.

How 5G is working in Apple’s upcoming models? Intel’s Modem Chips you know, then it supports 5G with mmWave and sub-6GHz Spectrum. It helps to cover a large area. Because informal versions enable Cutting edge 5G, but only for short distance. 5G speeds more than 4G it is an obvious thing, But when it comes to cover larger area 5G speed is decreasing, at that time it won’t help in the Rural and Suburban area.

Iphone 11
Iphone 11

On the other Android is going to support only sub-6GHz 5G. To remain in the selling space, Kuo tells that 5G in the iPhone is offered at lower prices as compare to Bitter Rivals Android.

Few Days Before, Apple confirming the Agreement with Intel’s, they are likely to give 5G in two models only but after the backing up from Intel’s Acquiring support, Apple has decided to give 5G in two models only.

In this Aquisition, Apple will take over Intel’s equipment, intellectual property, and leases. And they will take approximately 2,200 employees from Intel. After Beats, Intel’s Aquisition is the second largest. One Billion Transaction is valued in this acquisition.

What is the purpose of using mmWave and Sub-6Hz 5G Networks? This is for those don’t know how actually it works.

With intel’s Aquisition it is confirmed that Apple will provide mmWave and Sub-6Hz in 2020 iPhone Models. Here, mmWave is Superfast 5G Technology, All 5G Distributer does not use this technology in their device. mmWave is specially designed for compacter urban areas, it gives fast speed in a smaller area.

When it comes to the Rural and Suburban area, Mid-Bands and Low-Bands 5G Technology give enough speed, actually, it is more than 4G. This technology is called as sub-6GHz. It bit slower than mmWave.

Intel is ready to give 5G Modem Chips, they told that they will be shipping to only sole customer Apple. Still, Apples wants 5G Model from old Supplier Qualcomm. But intel’s CEO  Bob Swan states that after Qualcomm news. Later, It might be proved as supply chain also.

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