Legend Of The Blue Sea Season 2 Release Date: Is It Happening Or Not?

The TV show ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ was created by Park Ji-Eun and directed by Jin-hyuk and Park Seon-ho in South Korea. It’s based on an old Joseon legend from Korea’s first official anthology of historical fiction. It’s about a con man who falls in love with a mermaid and convinces her to cross the ocean to be with him.

Two storylines run concurrently in the series. Both stories, one set in the Joseon era and the other in the present day examine the concept of reincarnation in the context of a romantic relationship spanning many eras. Season 1 of ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ was very well received, thus many people are curious about Season 2. We’ll get into it when we give you the show’s specifics.

Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 Renewal Status

The Blue Sea: Renewed for a Second Season of Legend Even now, we have no resolution to the status question. Fans of the fantasy romance drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea” were left feeling content with the film’s happy and satisfactory conclusion. Therefore, it seems like there is nothing exciting that a new season may provide a committed fan base. There has been no word on whether or not “The Legend of the Blue Sea” will return for a second season. It’s unclear if Legend of the Blue Sea will return for a second season due to a shortage of ideas for new episodes.

Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 Release Date

It all started on November 16, 2016, with the premiere of the South Korean drama, and ended on January 25, 2017. There were a total of twenty episodes of this show, plus a few specials. The audience everywhere seemed to enjoy the show. Particularly well-received was Jun Ji-Hyun’s turn as the mermaid. South Korean dramas seldom have more than one season, however, Season 2 rumors have been circulating due to the show’s massive popularity. No formal word has been made public by the producers of Legend of the Blue Sea, thus it is impossible to know what will actually occur.

It’s been three years since the first season premiered, but star Lee Min Ho has promised exciting new work in the future. If there is a second season of Legends of the Blue Sea, it won’t be until 2023 at the earliest. For the sake of the audience, let’s hope season 2 gets made.

Legend of the Blue Sea Storyline

The series follows the romance between mermaid Shim Cheong (Jun Ji-hyun) and con man Heo Joon-jae (Lee Min-ho). Their journey is told alongside the parallel story of their Joseon Dynasty incarnations, the mermaid Se-hwa and town chief Kim Dam-ryeong, and focuses on rebirth, fate, and unrequited love.

Legend of the Blue Sea Cast

  • Jun Ji-hyun as Shim Cheong / Se-hwa: A mermaid in the Joseon era who falls in love with Dam-ryeong as a child after saving him, and is named as Se-hwa by Dam-ryeong after his late sister.
  • Kal So-won as child Se-hwa
  • Shin Eun-soo as teenage Se-hwa
  • Lee Min-ho as Heo Joon-jae / Kim Dam-ryeong: The town head and son of a magistrate in the Joseon era who falls in love with a mermaid as a child, and names her Se-hwa after his late sister.
  • Jeon Jin-seo as child Heo Joon-jae / Kim Dam-ryeong
  • Park Jin-young as teenage Heo Joon-jae / Kim Dam-ryeong
  • Lee Hee-joon as Jo Nam-doo / Park Moo: A con-artist and Joon-jae’s mentor.
  • Shin Hye-sun as Cha Shi-ah: Joon-jae’s university junior who works as a researcher in conservational science, and has feelings for him.
  • Shin Won-ho as Tae-oh: A genius hacker and a con-artist working with Joon-jae and Nam-doo.
  • Lee Ji-hoon as Heo Chi-hyun: Joon-jae’s stepbrother.
  • Na Young-hee as Mo Yoo-ran: Joon-jae’s mother. She works as the Cha family’s housekeeper
  • Shim Yi-young as young Mo Yoo-ran
  • Hwang Shin-hye as Kang Seo-hee / Kang Ji-yeon: Chi-hyun’s mother and Joon-jae’s stepmother.
  • Oh Yeon-ah as young Kang Seo-hee / young Kang Ji-yeon / Hong Nan
  • Sung Dong-il as Ma Dae-young / Yang Seung-gil: A corrupt nobleman during the Joseon era who attempts to capture the mermaid.
  • Choi Jung-woo as Heo Il-joong: Joon-jae’s father, and a property agent.
  • Moon So-ri as Ahn Jin-joo: Shi-ah’s sister-in-law, a Daechi-dong madam who is vain and haughty.
  • Park Hae-soo as Hong Dong-pyo: A modern-day detective who is investigating Dae-
  • young’s crimes as well as Joon-jae’s scams.
  • Park Ji-il as Manager Nam: Il-joong’s secretary and Joon-jae’s friend at the present time.
  • Choi Kwon as young Manager Nam
  • Shin Rin-ah as Seo Yoo-na: Shim Cheong’s young friend.
  • Hong Jin-kyung as Shim Cheong’s homeless friend
  • Lee Jae-won as Cha Dong-shik: Shi-ah’s brother and Jin-joo’s husband.
  • Lee Ho-jae as Professor Jin Kyung-won: A modern-day neuropsychiatrist who is also Joon-jae’s professor at KAIST.

Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 Plot

There was a special love story in the first season of Legend of the Blue Sea, and it had a lot in common with fairy tales. The film presented contrasting views of the same characters. Fate has linked these vantage points together. The original tale takes place during the Joseon era and focuses on the relationship between Kim Dam Ryeong and the mermaid Se Hwa.

The story develops and includes extensive discussion of past lives. Here, the mermaid and the con artist fall in love. A love story inspired by rebirths and unrequited affection in two alternate timelines shows how their destinies were inextricably linked. The story took place in two time periods: the Joseon era and the present day.

Without any information about Season 2, there is only one person who can guess what will happen. One thing is certain, though: love, with a few surprises here and there, will be the show’s central theme. Many fans had questions about the first season that were thought to be solved in the upcoming second season. Con artist Heo Joon-Jae and Shim Cheong, son of the mermaid, should be featured prominently in the upcoming second season.

The destiny of the infant and Ma Dae-Young were both left out in the air at the end of the first season. The events of Season 2 should pick up directly after the events of Season 1. That so many things were left up in the air is encouraging for the next season.

Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 Trailer

If you want to get a feel for the show, watch the official trailer.

Where to watch Legend of the Blue Sea?

The Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 is available on the same streaming service as the first season. In fact, there are numerous online video streaming services available today.

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