The official synopsis of EDENS ZERO: Shiki’s adventure begins with the first episode

It’s been over a year since the Fairy Tail anime, available on Netflix, ended. Inspired by the homonymous work by Hiro Mashima, the end marked the end of an era. His fans however can find a new product to follow with EDENS ZERO, adaptation also taken from a manga by Hiro Mashima.

The historic creator of Fairy Tail and Rave has in fact been trying his hand at writing EDENS ZERO for a couple of years, with moderate success. Popularity then sprang into an anime coming to Netflix and Japanese broadcasters. April 10, 2021 is the expected date for the arrival of the first episode of EDENS ZERO, which in the meantime already has partially shows in a synopsis.

“Granbell, the kingdom of dreams is a theme park where everything is robotic. Rebecca, a girl who is the park’s first customer in 100 years, and Happy, her cat-shaped partner, meet the only human in the place. Shiki. Shiki is curious about this encounter with the ‘first human outside of himself’, and the three seem to get along, despite an initial uncertainty. But that night, something strange happens to the machines of the kingdom.”

The first episode will launch Shiki’s adventure and his friendship with Rebecca, the first step towards the future narrative arcs of EDENS ZERO.

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