Leather Desk Mat by Harber London, a good way to add a warm touch to our desk

Do we want to add a warm touch to our desk? Harber is an excellent option. East London based manufacturer of covers and accessories brings us excellent quality products and with a very careful design. This time we review the Leather Desk Mat, a mat on which to work with style and comfort.

Top quality design and finishes

All Harber London products are made from premium full grain vegetable tanned leather, which ages very well and over time gains a very special patina. In the case of the Leather Desk Mat we have chosen the mat in Navy, blue, although a variant is also offered in black and the characteristic tan, tan, which we have already seen in other products of the company. A product, by the way, made in Spain.

Leather Desk Mat Mf Navy 1

The finishes of the entire product, from the stitches that finish off the sides, to the small pass for the keyboard cable or the quality of the felt, look neat and confirm that we are faced with a very good category product.

Comfort and resistance

Img 0873

This particular model corresponds to the 80 x 45 cm model, the largest. Its width is enough for we can place a keyboard and mouse, since the latter does not work on glass desks, and still enjoy space to move comfortably or place other accessories. It should be said that although the space is enough to place a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air, the heat given off by the device will have its effect on the leather finish, not catastrophic, far from it, but something to take into account.

Img 0874

On the Harber website, in addition to the three available sizes: 80 x 45, 80 x 32 and 50 x 30 centimeters, we will see two finishing options for the bottom. We can choose between microfiber and felt. For this review we have chosen microfiber, which in general is somewhat “cleaner” than felt and does not release any residue, especially if we use it on wooden tables with some roughness.

Img 0875

Leather Desk Mat

Among the various details of this Leather Desk Mat, the small cable gland at the top stands out. A small opening in the leather of the mat that allows us to guide the keyboard cable so that it is fixed and does not move through the keyboard space. What if the keyboard is, like most, wireless? Although it is true that if we do not use it, this small detail is almost invisible, I have observed that it is also very useful to fix a hub there, the same cable and the weight of the mat will keep it in place while we connect and disconnect accessories.

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It is clear that at Harber they know the materials they use and know how to work with them to bring out all their natural beauty. With quality finishes and really comfortable to work with, the Harber London Leather Desk Mat is a great option to add an extra touch to our desk.

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