‘La Casa De Papel 3’: How is Character “Nairobi” according to Alba Flores?

‘La Casa De Papel 3’: How is Character “Nairobi” According to Alba Flores?

No one knows Nairobi better than Alba Flores.


She is quite a lousy milk, but She is the most faithful and noble of the entire team of thieves. She did Conquer the hearts of every member of The Resistance of the House of Paper. Nairobi has something special in her, and She has a different charm.

With a rather sketchy background which includes her son that was Lost, An ability to lose her nerves and recover them in a blink of an eye. She is a born leader who is capable of knowing what she has to say in each moment and situation. She marched a revolution in social networks when she pronounced for the first time, “The Matriarchy Begins.”

Yes, Everyone like Nairobi. Admittedly, the actress got into her skin when she debuted the series in 2017. She also has her Indistinguish opinion about the character. That is why we have asked Alba Flores what She likes most about her Character Nairobi.

And It Is Clear When Alba Told Us: “It is her ability to be focused on the plan. With everything that happens in this series, it seems like a virtue. She does everything leading with her kind heart.”

Nairobi has something bright in lifelike Get The Pasta. Well, She had it in the previous seasons where her only goal in life was to go out with a bag full of Mint and Bell.

In this new season which is available on Netflix since July 19, surely her ambition has turned to something else. Because She already has her money. Although her loyalty and desire to help remain equally present.

But there is something else that Flores Aka Nairobi likes well. That is being able to represent a character in general. She declares that She wants very much ” her dark part.” She loves to find out everything about her ambition” because “it’s nice to be able to represent her,” explains Flores.

“Representing the darker sides of the characters is very liberating, ” She adds. “I love it when I can do something like her.”

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