Explore This photo of María León, Regina Blandón and Carlos Ferro lying naked in bed

Explore this photo of María León, Regina Blandón and Carlos Ferro Lying naked in bed

María León, Regina Blandón and Carlos Ferro
María León, Regina Blandón and Carlos Ferro

In the picture, you can see the actors in a compromising situation. That is causing a great revolution in social media networks.
María León continues to misuse sensuality in her social networks. The famous Mexican artist shared the photograph that caused a great revolution on Instagram.

In the picture, the young singer appears in the company of Regina Blandón and Carlos Ferro.

“A Rainy Sunday to stay in bed ”, is the title of the image that exceeded more than 60 thousand likes.

But something that caught the attention of fans is that they all appear naked in the same bed.
It should be noted that the photograph is part of the behind the scenes of Leon’s new video. The song is titled as “Crazy”. It shows both Maria and Regina in Slightly Indescent Situations.

The video was released a few days ago and it already exceeds more than half a million views on YouTube.


Recall that a few days ago, the magazine “Who ” did publish some images of Maria in a compromising situation with apparently her partner.

In the postcards, you can see the 33-year-old interpreter along with Carlos Ferro. He also appears in the “Locos” clip.

The collection of images shows the singer in a sexy outfit passionately kissing her partner. For his part in this, Ferro did not miss the opportunity to “ handle ” the interpreter several times.

“I met Carlos and we became very good friends because we have many things in common. I think he is quite divine, he is a nice person, he loves exercise, and he is a vegetarian, ” León explained during an interview.
Apart from this part, the soap opera gallant confirmed a few months ago that he is dating the beautiful dancer.

“ When you see each other and from there, parents arise. I think you always had to have a beautiful friendship in the Life” Carlos emphasized.

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