Kleo Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know Far

Kleo is a Netflix show that is a spy thriller. Richard Kropf, Bob Konrad, and Hanno Hackfort are the people who make the show. This is the perfect series for you if you like crime thrillers and mysteries. Because the show is a spy thriller, you will enjoy it to the fullest. The first season of The Kleo will come out on August 19, 2022. In just a few days, the tv series has managed to amass a sizable fan base. The show has gone over really well with the audience. They already want the new show to have a second season. Well, keep reading if you want to learn more about the tv series and the next season.

What is the storyline of Kleo?

Kleo follows the story of an acclaimed East German Stasi assassin in 1987 named Kleo Straub. After killing a double agent, she is sent to prison on false charges that she gave top-secret information to a West German informant. Post-demolition of the Berlin Wall, Kleo is released as a political prisoner, and she ends up losing her honor and position as an assassin.

Now, she wants to get back at the people who worked together to hurt her. During her search, she meets a fraud policeman named Sven Petzold, and things quickly go wrong. When the second season comes out, Kleo might kill a lot of people, and even though she shot at Sven at the end of the first season, she might work with him.

Kleo Season 2 Cast

  • Jella Haase as Kleo Straub
  • Dimitrij Schaad as Sven Petzold
  • Julius Feldmeier as Thilo
  • Vincent Redetzki as Uwe Mittig
  • Vladimir Burlakov as Andi Wolf
  • Marta Sroka as Anja
  • Jürgen Heinrich as Otto Straub
  • Alessija Lause as Anne Geike
  • Steffi Kühnert as Margot Honecker
  • Thandi Sebe as Jenny Schneider
  • Taner Sahintürk as Frederick “Freddy” Lembech
  • Yun Huang as Min Sun
  • Zethphan Smith-Gneist as Mark Petzold
  • Alexander Hörbe as Ludger Wieczorek
  • Rodrigo Rojo as Jorge Gonzalez
  • Gunnar Helm as Erich Mielke
  • Anna Stieblich as Brigitte Straub
  • Garry Fischmann as Matthias Frey
  • Jonas Stenzel as Dopi

Kleo Season 2 Plot

If you remember Season 1, Kelo and Sven discovered the red suitcase at the end of the season. Inside, they found papers about the secret deals the GDR and the US made to keep their status. As they locate the briefcase and the files, Margot discovers Kelo and tries to obtain the suitcase to know where Kleo’s birth mother is living now.

Kleon then looks for her mother, and Sven gets in touch with some people he doesn’t know so that Margot can keep the suitcase. Although Kleo succeeds in discovering her mother, she is stunned to discover that she has nothing to do with Kleo. She goes back to Sven and spends the night with him.

Even said that he had some other plans for the suitcase, and Min Sun’s briefcase was sent to the U.S. Margot also finds a red suitcase with a lot of toilet paper in it. Uwe is not dead yet, and he plans to get back at those who hurt him. There’s a chance that a bomb was put in the suitcase that was sent to the U.S. Season 1 definitely finished on a cliffhanger, so we need another season to find out what happened. But everything depends on what the people who make the show decide to do with it.

Kleo Season 2 Release Date

Since most of the reviews for the first season were good, it’s not surprising that the show was picked up for a second season. Filming will start sometime in 2023, and there isn’t a confirmed release date yet, but let’s hope we won’t have to wait too long to watch the second season all at once.

Where can I Watch Kleo Season 2?

Those who were very excited to see the show can watch it on Netflix. Since the second season hasn’t come out yet, you can’t find it anywhere. If the show has a second season, the new season will also be available through Netflix.

Kleo Season 1 Review

In the first half of this season, Kleo works to kill different targets while learning about a mysterious red suitcase. This turns into a key McGuffin in the future because it holds a secret that could change Germany’s whole future. Still, it’s interesting that things change in the second half of this season. An unlikely alliance works surprisingly well to change the tone and pace of this show.

There are some clear parallels between this and Killing Eve, both in terms of the dark comedy and the way it looks. Kleo is a visually appealing and impressive project. Yellows, blues, and reds are used as a color palette throughout. Once you recognize this, it’s hard to not think about it, especially since the creative team did a great job of incorporating it into the story in a way that felt natural. The first half of Episode 6 is a big flashback that shows Kleo’s past and childhood, as well as how she is connected to the red suitcase.

For all the positives (and there are a fair few with this one), there are a couple of points that hold this back from being a better venture. Kleo goes on a few “missions” outside of Germany, but each one only lasts one episode and feels a bit rushed. These could quickly have been fleshed out further, and oddly, this is definitely one of those showcases that would have greatly benefited from more episodes.

Kleo is surprisingly funny for a show that has a lot of blood and violence. Kleo tries to add some lighthearted moments to the story, and in the majority of part, he is successful. There are a few jokes that don’t work, but if you enjoyed the humor in Killing Eve and Quentin Tarantino’s movies, you’ll feel right at home with this one.

Kleo represents one of the dark horses this year who could put on a great show. Despite a slightly rushed screenplay and a need for more episodes, Kleo is a solid, well-written revenge thriller. The visual elements are brilliant, the humor is well-positioned, and the tale seems to have enough surprises and turns to maintain you watching until the climax. This is a must-see, people!

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