Kill Boksoon Part 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The latest South Korean action film to hit Netflix has been making waves online since its premiere. Despite the film’s simplistic plot, many viewers are left wondering what happened at the conclusion. Even more crucially, viewers want a prequel to address significant concerns left unanswered in the main film.

For example, who was the biological father of Gil Jae-Young (Kim Si-A)? Though many think it may have been Cha Min-Kyu, Gil Bok-Soon’s (Sol Kyung-Gu) supervisor (Jeon Do-Yeon), we disagree.

Given all these unanswered mysteries, one cannot help but wonder whether the film will have a sequel. Thus far, here is the information that has been received.

Kill Boksoon Part 2 Release Date

Since Kill Boksoon Part 2 has only just been published, we will give you a taste of what to anticipate from it in the absence of an official release date.

Part one of Kill Boksoon started shooting in January 2022 and was released in March 2023, a year and a half after production began. We might assume that Kill Boksoon will begin working on Part 2 in April 2023 and release it in 2024.

Kill Boksoon Part 2 Cast

The main characters in the first half of the film were:

  • Jeon Do-yeon as Gil Bok-soon
  • Sol Kyung-gu as Cha Min-kyu
  • Kim Si-a as Gil Jae-yeong
  • Esom as Cha Min-hee
  • Koo Kyo-hwan as Han Hee-seong
  • Lee Yeon as Kim Yeong-ji
  • Park Kwang-jae as Gwang-man
  • Jang In-sub as Yoon-seok
  • Choi Byung-mo as Hyun-chul
  • Kim Sung-oh as Sergeant Shin
  • Kim Ki-cheon as Soo-geun
  • Gi Ju-bong as CEO Ki
  • Kim Jun-bae as CEO Bae

In Kill Boksoon Part 2, we will likely see Jeon Do-yeon reprise his role as the protagonist. Since Kim Si is so important to the plot, we may anticipate her return as well. It is uncertain if any of the aforementioned cast members will return for Kill Boksoon Part 2. Kill Boksoon 2 could have some fresh faces as well.

Kill Boksoon Part 2 Plot

The plot of Kill Boksoon 2 might go one of two paths. Either a prequel or a sequel that picks up right where the previous one left off is within the realm of possibility. With her employers dead and no contracts in place, Gil Bok-Soon may be shown operating her own business if the producers go with the former.

Bok-Soon may be able to retire and devote herself fully to raising her child now that she is no longer required to report to her supervisors. If this is true, Kill Boksoon 2 will run out of story material. Alternatively, we may see Jae-Young’s journey of self-discovery as she assumes her mother’s role.

In all likelihood, if the picture is greenlit for a sequel, it will use a prequel plot. Observing the youthful Bok-Soon and Cha Min-Kyu collaborate was a treat. We may finally learn Jae-Young’s biological father if this ties up all the loose ends from the movie.

Kill Boksoon: Is it worth watching?

Both audiences and reviewers have had different opinions on the picture, as shown before. While some reviewers were critical of the picture, many audiences found it enjoyable. If you like criminal thrillers and are interested in K-dramas that explore social and cultural intricacies, then you will enjoy this film.


The second installment of Kill Boksoon, starring Jeon Do-Yeon and Kim Si-a Gil Jae-Yeong, is set to be published in 2024. The tale might continue after the film ends since it leaves a lot of loose ends.

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