Kidding Season 3: Will it Return For Another Season?

Americans watch the comedy-drama TV show Kidding. The program debuted in 2018 and is produced by Dave Holstein. Jeff Piccirillo (Jim Carrey) is the protagonist of this series, located in Ohio’s capital city of Columbus. Both kids and their parents love him as TV host Mr. Pickles.

Even if his name is worth millions of dollars, he still has to deal with family issues and personal tragedies. As we go further into the lives of someone adored by those on the outside, we uncover the true issue.

The critical reception for the show was overwhelmingly favorable. The show’s sardonic humor will make you want to watch more episodes. There seems to have been an issue, nevertheless, between the program and Showtime. It has decided not to air the show’s forthcoming season.

Kidding Season 3 Renewal Status

We regret to inform those of you who have patiently anticipated its third season that it will not be returning. The sitcom will not be renewed for a third season by Showtime. Rest assured, you have read it correctly. The show’s cancellation for a third season effectively ends its run.

Showtime picked up the series for a second season in October 2018, and the show returned for its February 9, 2020, premiere. It had its debut on September 9, 2018. Several internet sites have speculated that 2024 may be the release year for the third season, should it be renewed. Now that Showtime has officially canceled it, there’s no need to believe rumors or assumptions.

Kidding Season 3: Why was it canceled?

A lack of participation is the only justification for canceling the program on any streaming platform. Some kind of audience connection issue must have plagued the series. Nevertheless, many viewers find the program to be a little strange and unorthodox. Despite all the humor, Carrey got deeper into the show’s serious aspects.

More so than the first season, the second one received very little advertising. There has to have been an issue on the receiving end, too. It would be great if the program could garner more feedback and new findings so it could air again.

Kidding Storyline

The Columbus, Ohio-based show Kidding chronicles the exploits of Jeff Piccirillo, better known as the much-loved children’s TV host Mr. Pickles. A personal tragedy and a challenging family life beset Mr. Pickles, who leads a multimillion-dollar branding business.

Kidding Cast

  • Jim Carrey as Jeff Piccirillo
  • Frank Langella as Sebastian Piccirillo
  • Judy Greer as Jill Piccirillo
  • Cole Allen as William “Will” and Philip “Phil” Piccirillo
  • Juliet Morris as Maddy Perera
  • Catherine Keener as Deirdre “Didi” Perera
  • Justin Kirk as Peter
  • Bernard White as Scott Perera
  • Alex Raul Barrios as Derrell
  • Julitta Scheel as Cassidy
  • Coda Boesel as B.D.
  • Juliocesar Chavez as Gigs
  • Ginger Gonzaga as Vivian
  • Tara Lipinski as herself
  • Jennie Pierson as Sara Lipinski
  • Joel Swetow as Michael Epstein
  • Louis Ozawa Changchien as Mr. Pickles-San
  • Jernard Burks as Denny
  • Calah Lane as Denny’s daughter
  • Riki Lindhome as Shaina
  • Annette O’Toole as Louise
  • Kelly Coffield Park as Joanne

Kidding Season 2 Ending

We saw that Jeff and Jill started to click as he drove her home from the pub. Despite Drunk Jill’s confession and falling in love with him, he turns down the proposal since he is a monk.

After that, Jeff doesn’t waste any time getting to New York to see Jill; when he does, he confesses to her that he lied and that his fear of abandonment was the real reason he wasn’t able to leave his position earlier. Both Jill and Harry make solemn vows: Jill will never leave him, and he will never lie to her again.

Several letters of gratitude were sent to Jill. After giving the envelope marked “Phil” to his dad, Will confronts Jill about it. Seven people who received organs from Phil and were able to live are the recipients of these letters. According to Jill, Phil managed to save seven lives, but she would give everything to spend just one more hour by his side.

After seeing how intrigued Jeff would become to react to each letter with his own opinions, Jill decided to keep him from seeing her messages. Since she does not insist that Phil fasten his seatbelt before the collision, she believes that Jeff should hold her responsible for Phil’s death.

Jeff and Will follow Jill’s advice and embark on a road trip to meet a lady who is running a marathon. Her race number is identical to the final number in Will’s magical book, as we discovered. Phil has a soft spot in his heart for the lady.

Listening to the woman’s (Phil’s) vibrant, thumping heart, they listen with tears in their eyes. In reverse chronological order, rewinds are played, displaying moments from Jeff and Jill’s time together. As the two melted into one another’s gazes, time stood still.

Kidding Series Rating

In case you’re wondering whether the series is any good if you’ve never seen it before, I can tell you that it is! The program has a decent 8.0/10 on IMDb and an acceptable score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. Without a doubt, I will be watching this program.

Where to watch Kidding?

Apple iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and Amazon Instant Video all provide Kidding for streaming, either as a rental or a purchase. All of these platforms presently have it accessible.

Kidding Age Rating

Kids under the age of 17 should probably stay away from Kidding because of its TV-MA rating, which indicates that it is an adult film. There may be violent violence, sexually explicit content, or coarse language in this show.

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