Juanpis Gonzalez Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And More

‘Juanpis Gonzalez’ is a Colombian comedy created by Alejandro Riao and Diego Ramrez Schrempp, and it follows the title character, Juanpis Gonzalez, a wealthy, spoilt brat who has no concept of responsibility. However, when the topic of inheriting the family business arises, his grandfather subjects him to a harrowing test to determine whether or not he is up to the task. Juanpis, in an effort to prove himself, wades into political seas he has no business being in.

Actor, comedian, and co-creator Alejandro Riao’s alter persona, Juanpis Gonzalez, served as the inspiration for the program. The contentious online persona originally surfaced on Instagram, then moved on to YouTube, where he now regularly interviews famous people and public figures. The comedy series on Netflix received a lot of buzz since it was based on a well-known internet personality. Fans are eager for a sequel after tearing through the first film in record time. Let’s find out then whether season two is indeed possible.

Juanpis Gonzalez Season 1 Recap

Alejandro Riao’s alter persona served as inspiration for the role of Juanpis Gonzalez. Juanpis Gonzalez originally gained notoriety for his celebrity and political interview videos on YouTube and Instagram. All of Columbia, where the story is set, sees him as a rich, spoiled brat. Early on, Juanpis checks his phone and sees a text message from a pal. Juanpis is seen in the video assaulting someone outside of a bar, and the text message requests that he watch it.

Louis Carlos is worried about Juanpis because of his actions. He also oversees the family company as CEO of Pombo Holdings. Before he passes away, Louis would like to see a deserving family member take over the business. For this reason, she insists that Juanpis get his act together and take responsibility. But incidents like the one outside the bar make it less likely that Juanpis will be able to take over the family business. So, Louis employs a consultant to help Juanpis prepare for his new role.

Camila Benavides, the consultant, surprises Juanpis by being a woman. Nonetheless, he gives in and agrees to her demands. Camila suggests starting with a live broadcast apology to the public. Juanpis accomplishes this, but he sabotages his own work later by disparaging the city on the same broadcast. His mother, meantime, approaches Louis with her own ambitions to take over the family firm.

Juanpis Gonzalez Season 2 Cast and characters

  • Alejandro Riaño as Juanpis González or Juan Pablo
  • Carolina Gaitán as Camila Benavides
  • Jairo Camargo as Luis Carlos Pombo
  • Julian Caicedo as Iván
  • Marcela Agudelo as María Cristina Pombo
  • Santiago Moure as Pepe Robayo

Juanpis Gonzalez Season 2 Plot

The family business Pombo Holdings was in jeopardy when Juanpis’s hopelessness was exposed in the first season. Louis Carlos, the family patriarch, wanted to make sure his legacy would be well taken care of once he passed away. But Juanpis could hardly be relied upon. Then, Juanpis’s grandfather put him in a position to test whether or not he was ready to take over as CEO of Pombo Holdings when the time came.

When Season 2 of Juanpis Gonzalez finally airs, the plot will pick up where the first season left off. What Juanpis, the protagonist, has in store for him in the future will be shown in the next season. The future of Pombo Holdings is in peril because of his despicable and unrepentant behavior, which puts him and the company in constant danger. Season one showed that Juanpis’ mother shared her son’s ambition to take over the family company. But Louis Carlos vehemently opposed the idea. Will Juanpis’s ongoing mistakes cause him to change his mind? Season 2 of Juanpis Gonzalez will disclose everything.

Juanpis Gonzalez Season 2 Release Date

The first season of “Juanpis Gonzalez” premiered on Netflix on January 19, 2022. There are 10 episodes in the first season, and each one is around a half-hour long. What we can reveal about the second round is as follows: There has been no formal announcement as of yet. The streaming service often waits a few months before buying a new season, so this isn’t out of the ordinary. Meanwhile, management at Netflix looks at a show’s ratings and determines whether or not to recommission it.

Considering Netflix’s recent efforts to increase its international content, a new season of the show could potentially be approved. More comedic episodes produced in Colombia would be a great addition to the streaming service. At the moment, crime, action, and suspense seem to dominate the selection. It would be optimistic to think that Season 2 may premiere before 2023 even if the program gets renewed by spring of that year. Based on these considerations, we anticipate that the second season of ‘Juanpis Gonzalez’ will premiere in the first quarter of 2023.

Juanpis Gonzalez Season 1 Review

The series from Riao is saved by Juanpis Gonzalez’s brilliant performance. His acting is always over the top, regardless of the setting or the nature of the dialogue. This is not a terrible thing, since it enhances the show’s primary comedy strength. When he goes to a school that might need his family’s help financially, he forms snap judgments about the pupils there. It’s funny to see how much he embellishes the pupils’ abilities.

Juanpis Gonzalez: The Series often highlights the eponymous character’s desire to do the right thing after he begins working with Camila. I was worried that the program would utilize the cliche of a woman being the only one who can transform a guy to make Juanpapis into a different person by the conclusion of the series.

In Juanpis Gonzalez: The Series, not only the title figure is cast in a satirical role. The program, as a whole, does a fantastic job of satirizing both the upper class and the working class in various ways. What caught me off guard towards the conclusion of the first episode was the explanation of elements that some viewers would find objectionable. As I continued to watch Juanpis Gonzalez: The Series, I realized that every episode followed the same pattern of backstory:

Overall, Juanpis Gonzalez: The Series does satire right and provides a good introduction to the titular character. Even if viewers don’t sympathize with Juanpis, they’ll still enjoy watching him as he makes positive changes in his life. His evolution is not quick, but his story is entertaining because of the sarcastic and comical twists it contains. People should still add this show to their queue even though it’s only accessible in Spanish with English subtitles.

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