Bodyguard Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date, And Other Details

However, some songs have been hits more than others on the singles charts. “Line of Duty” creator Jed Mercurio released a new crime procedural in 2018 titled “Bodyguard.” At the time “Bodyguard” was released, Richard Madden portrayed Sergeant David Budd, a highly competent police officer who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The show’s meteoric rise to fame began the moment Netflix made it accessible to subscribers throughout the globe.

In the first season of “Bodyguard,” we see Budd as he takes on the role of bodyguard for Home Secretary Julia Montague. Almost soon after starting his new work, Budd is thrust into an investigation into a political conspiracy involving terrorism, cybersecurity, and collusion, all while dealing with his own mental collapse. There are a variety of terrifying situations throughout the first season’s six episodes. Both audiences and critics loved ‘Bodyguard,’ giving it a perfect score of 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The first season ended on a low note, and viewers immediately demanded more.

Bodyguard Season 2 Renewal Status

Mercurio hinted in 2018 that production had only just begun, and talks for a second season had already begun with the BBC. In a November 2018 teaser, Richard Madden hinted that he will be meeting with Mercurio to discuss Season 2 of Bodyguard. He clearly looked forward to David’s bright future. However, they awaited an official statement. The BBC said early in 2019 that they were in negotiations and planning the show’s logistics.

Madden revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that the conversation has turned to a possible season two. However, they demand an extended development period of at least a year. Mercurio spoke out in 2020 as supporters anxiously awaited an official declaration. Bodyguard was a “big beast” to come up with the story, according to Simon Heath, CEO of World Productions. However, he is positive that the show will return.

In terms of audience, the series was rated 93% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and 79/100 on Metacritic. In addition to this, the show dominated the ratings in 2018 for television dramas. In fact, record-breaking numbers of 17.1 million viewers tuned in. Due to the show’s great success, it may be renewed for a second season: Bodyguard.

Bodyguard Season Cast and characters

  • Richard Madden as PS David Budd
  • Sophie Rundle as Vicky Budd
  • Keeley Hawes as The Rt. Hon. Julia Montague MP
  • Vincent Franklin as Mike Travis MP
  • Nicholas Gleaves as The Rt. Hon. Roger Penhaligon MP
  • David Westhead as The Rt. Hon. John Vosler MP
  • Paul Ready as Rob MacDonald
  • Gina McKee as Commander Anne Sampson
  • Pippa Haywood as CSI Lorraine Craddock
  • Ash Tandon as DCI Deepak Sharma
  • Nina Toussaint-White as DS Louise Rayburn
  • Stuart Bowman as Stephen Hunter-Dunn
  • Michael Shaeffer as “Richard Longcross”
  • Tom Brooke as Andy Apsted
  • Matt Stokoe as Luke Aikens
  • Anjli Mohindra as Nadia Ali
  • Matthew Stagg as Charlie Budd
  • Bella Padden as Ella Budd
  • Shubham Saraf as Tahir Mahmood
  • Stephanie Hyam as Chanel Dyson
  • Claire-Louise Cordwell as Constable Kim Knowles
  • Richard Riddell as Constable Tom Fenton

Bodyguard Season 2 Plot

Budd may not have been able to save Julia Montague, but he was able to exonerate himself and find out who was behind the assassination attempt. He exposed the plot by MI-5 and the British Parliament to bring shame on Montague. The protagonist’s bodyguard was helped with his post-traumatic stress disorder and reconciled with his estranged family.

But Budd’s story isn’t over yet; there’s a chance he’ll face retaliation from the mob for arresting the ringleader, who was working with his boss, Police Superintendent Lorraine Craddock (Pippa Haywood). The terrorist mastermind Budd had been looking for, played by Anjii Mohindra’s Nadia Ali, turned out to be herself. In the second season of Bodyguard, David Budd may have to safeguard a foreign dignitary or a member of the Royal Family, which would provide a completely new dilemma for him to solve.

Bodyguard Season 2 Release Date

The solution to this question is really complex. Due to the long wait between seasons, fans of “Bodyguard” knew they had to be patient when the first season premiered in August and September of 2018. Even though Madden, Mercurio, and others connected to “Bodyguard” have been commenting on a second season ever since the first ended, there has been no official announcement of renewal or cancellation as of yet. When, exactly, is the only question.

In 2021, Madden’s commitments to “From Now” and “Eternals” will have concluded, clearing the door for him to reprise his role in “Bodyguard.” Unless the BBC moves very swiftly to begin production, new episodes won’t be released until late 2023 at the earliest.

There is no Bodyguard Season 2 in the works

There are no plans to produce a second season of Bodyguard at this time. Jed Mercurio, the show’s creator, recently told Entertainment Weekly, “Not at all” when asked if the BBC had requested a second season. The series, however, ended up being more popular than anybody had expected, becoming a water cooler phenomenon in Britain. The series premiere was the most viewed premiere of a UK drama in almost a decade, and subsequent episodes only grew in popularity, with the season finale drawing in 10.4 million viewers, making it the most-watched drama episode in UK history.

It’s just a matter of time until there’s a second season after such a huge response, not to mention the anticipated reaction on Netflix from US fans. Despite the fact that Mercurio is presently the showrunner for Line of Duty (which is available on Hulu in the United States), he is hopeful that Bodyguard will be renewed for at least three more seasons.

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