Zack Snyder’s ‘Army Of The Dead’ To Release On Big Screen Before Having An OTT Release

Zack Snyder’s ‘Army Of The Dead’ To Release On Big Screen Before Having An OTT Release

As we know that Army of the dead is so famous and also so much popular also, why not because it is directed by DC Marvel’s director. No doubts or no wonder it is not a popular show.

Also, the Zombie academic which is an apocalypse drama is awaiter for its suspense and thriller. Also, fans are waiting for it for a long time.

Army Of The Dead To Have A Dual release?

Yes, a piece of very good news for the fans that this movie, you can also watch it on Netflix and also without it too.

This is a piece of great news because this movie will have a dual release and that is the reason why most of them are excited because some of them do not have subscriptions so they can download the movie and can watch it anywhere they want.

Also, this will be the movie that will release in theatres as well as the OTT platforms, isn’t it great?

I mean, how great will the movie is that it is releasing in theatres as well also Netflix. People are super excited about this movie.

Army Of The Dead Rights Purchased By Cinemark and Netflix

The deal was between Cinemark and also with the prominent theatres in the US. The ultimate decision is the movie will first release on on big screens and then it will be launching digitally.

Also, CInemarl distributed movies to 200 locations in the US. That is the main reason why everyone is super excited about this great and awesome movie.

For also those who are waiting for the release dates so the ultimate theatre release date is 14th MAy, 2021 and then the movie will be launching on the digital platform by 21st May, and that too after one week after the theatre release.

This is a piece of great news and it’s just a few days from now then we will be able to watch that movie wherever we want to with our friends and family.

Army Of The Dead A Boon To Fans

Well as of right now in this situation, people are getting double benefits because if they want to go watch this movie in theatres, they can, and also this movie is releasing on Netflix so they can watch this movie in their house with their friends and family.

Also, as many times as they want to watch the movie, they can because they are releasing this movie digitally right after one week.

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