Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: the most important stands that we will see in Stone Ocean

The announcement of the return of the anime of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure with the story of Jolyne Kujo, it has rekindled the interest of the world community in the work of the master Hirohiko Araki, and to make the wait less stressful we have decided to make a list of the most important and strongest stands that will appear in Stone Ocean .

Obviously it is in first place Stone Free, the stand of the protagonist Jolyne, which has some similarities to Star Platinum, such as the ability to hit opponents in quick succession, but also features a substantial difference to his father Jotaro’s Stand. Stone Free is indeed capable of turning into strings, a skill that can also be used by Jolyne herself on his body, and which can be used in many ways and on a variety of occasions.

Next we find Kiss by Ermes Costello, a Stand based on special stickers which, once placed on objects or people, allow the user to create a copy. However, the interesting aspect is that when the sticker is removed, the original and the copy try to join together to form a single subject, generating a large explosion.

To close the podium for importance in the series, we find Foo Fighters with its stand of the same name. Originally created as Stand, which is also a plankton colony, this creature joins the body of an inmate and follows Jolyne on her journey to improve her reputation, and save her father. The texture of Foo Fighters makes it his almost invincible organism, as he can shoot plankton at opponents from virtually any part of his body, and can even manipulate water if he deems it necessary.

He follows Whitesnake by Enrico Pucci, the main antagonist in Stone Ocean, capable of creating a large number of Stands that Jolyne and his companions will very often face. Whitesnake’s main ability is to extract both the memory of a subject and the powers linked to his Stand in two different discs, and to be able to transfer them to a subject different from the original. Furthermore Whitesnake allows you to insert discs with precise instructions, which will then be performed, both in animals and in people.

In fifth place there is Weather Report, which allows its user, called in the same way, to manipulate the weather. Then we find Burning Down the House, which like Joseph’s Hermit Purple does not have a humanoid form, and which allows Emporio Alnino to interact with the ghosts of certain objects and rooms. Finally we find Diver Down by Narciso Anasui, which by storing energy in the objects it hits, and choosing when to release it, can pose a real threat to its enemies.

What do you think of this ranking? Do you agree with what has been said? Let us know yours in the comments below. Recall that Jolyne got a nice cosplay recently, and we leave you to the illustrations of the animator Ashiya to celebrate the return of the anime.

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