Jojo: Golden Wind, that's why Giorno and Abbacchio don't get along according to a fanart

With each generation, Hirohiko Araki has completely changed the cards on the table. In fact, there are few recurring characters among the various series of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, even if there is always a certain family vein. In Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Golden Wind we are brought to Italy with Giovanna day and other Neapolitans.

To realize his dream, the protagonist of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Golden Wind joins the team of Bruno Bucciarati, a local boss employed by the criminal organization Passion that is raging for the peninsula. It will not be all roses and flowers since within the team it will encounter frictions, such as those with Leone Abbacchio.

The corrupt ex-cop is one of the historical members of Bucciarati's team and it is also among the greatest in age. Despite this, he does not miss the opportunity to put his feet on the head of the newcomer. A fan took advantage of the hairstyle features of the two characters in Jojo's Le Bizzarre Avventure: Golden Wind to explain why.

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As can be seen in the image posted on Reddit, if Giorno stumbled while he is behind Abbacchio, the ex-policeman's hair would become entangled in the protagonist's golden curls. You think it can be one convincing explanation for Abbacchio's hatred of Giorno? Leone Abbacchio came to life with a realistic cosplay, while fans are waiting for David Production to start working on Jojo: Stone Ocean.


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