The Little Things Full Movie Download Leaked by Torrent Tamilrockers

The Little Things Full Movie Download Leaked by Torrent Tamilrockers

After few hours of the original release, the movie The Little Things was leaked and spread worldwide via illegal piracy websites.

Every piracy website copies the content from other websites or the main source. Basically, they are using the pirated content, and it is illegal.

The Little Things Full Movie Download

They pit the content and make it available for the public. Anyone can download it easily with the use of a VPN. All piracy websites are providing the pirated copy of the movie The Little Things.

So, please do not use it because it is not safe and secure, and also, it is a crime. Let’s get the full detail of the movie The Little Things.

Jared Leto, the actor from The Little Things, is nominated for the Golden Globe Awards as a Best-Supporting Actor – Motion Picture. The Little Things was released on 29th January 2021 in the United States. Warner Bros. Pictures released it.

The cast members of the film The Little Things include Denzel Washington as Joe “Deke” Deacon, Rami Malek as LASD Det. Jim Baxter, Jared Leto as Albert Sparma, Chris Bauer Del. Sal Rizoli, Michael Hyatt as Flo Dunigan, Terry Kinney as LASD Captain Carl Farris, Natalie Morales as Det. Jamie Estrada, Isabel Arraiza as Ana Baxter, Joris Jarsky as Det. Sergeant Rogers, Glenn Morshower as Captain Henry Davis, Sofia Vassilieva as Tina Salvatore, and Jason James Richter as Det. Williams.

The other cast members of the film The Little Things include John Harlan Kim as Officer Henderson, Frederick Koehler as Stan Peters, Judith Scott as Marsha, Maya Kazan Rhonda Rathun, Tiffany Gonzalez as Julie Brock, Anna McKitrick as Mary Roberts, Shelia Houlahan as Paige Callahan, Olivia Washington as Amy Anders, Ebony N. Mayo as Tamara Ewing, Lee Garlington as Landlady, and Charlie Saxton as Felix.

The Little Things shooting was started on 2nd September 2019 in Los Angeles, California, and it was completed in December 2019. The trailer of The Little Things is below.

The Little Things was directed and written by John Lee Hancock, and Mark Johnson and John Lee Hancock produced it. The budget of The Little Things was 30 Million USD, and it has earned 25.3 Million USD.

It was made in the United States and under Gran Via Productions. Warner Bros. Pictures distributed it. The movie’s full length is 128 minutes, and it was first available in the English language.

Thomas Newman gave the music in The Little Things. John Schwartzman and Robert Frazen did the cinematography and editing. Do not forget to add a bookmark of this website. Stay tuned for the next update.

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