Joaquin Phoenix kills in official ‘Joker’ trailer

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Joaquin Phoenix kills in official ‘Joker’ trailer

Official trailers of Joaquin Phoenix just have been released and have really pinned down the critics with its brilliant direction. Joker is actually a comic book film whose official trailer was launched by Warner Bros. on Wednesday in a press release.


The story is moving all around Batman Villain and the roll has been brilliantly performed by Joaquin Phoenix. Being produced by Warner Bros. a CNN’s parent company “Joker” is assumed to be one of the leading hit of this year and you are surely going to notice it during the Oscar season also.

As per CNN sources; “Joker” was just made for Joaquin Phoenix and his work in the movie is just admirable. The storyline is completely a backstory of 1981where a failed stand-up comedian Arthur Fleck turned to murder in Gotham City. Great picturization, amazing storyline and mindblowing performance by Joaquin Phoenix are some of the reasons why you surely need to watch out it at your nearer cinema halls.

You can watch Phoenix in the trailer working as a failed sign-holding clown on the streets. The statement is presented by Phoenix just before he got attacked is also quite convincing and heart touching. You can see him saying here that his mother always had told him to smile and put on a happy face always and he had to bring laughter and joy to the world.

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The movie was actually in news from April 2019 when the first its first look was released in the box office. Coming up under the direction of “The Hangover” director Todd Philips; the movie is surely going to be a big hit this year. Moreover, you can see Robert De Niro playing here the role of a talk show host. You can watch the actor sparking the Joker’s downward spiral at the time he ditches him on TV.

Joker has become the first-ever comic book movie to set a premiere at Venice Film Festival. The movie is going to hit the theaters on October 4, 2019. The story really seems to be quite interesting and one can even feel the goosebumps as well while watching out the trailer only. No movie is complete without the presence of an actress and to add up a feel of romance here; Zazie Beetz has been introduced a surprising package. You can watch out “Atlanta” star Zazie Beetz here playing the role of Joaquin Phoenix love interest here whereas Frances Conroy, Bill Camp and Marc Maron are some of the other co-stars in the movie.

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