TV star Jessi Combs dead at 36 after a daring jet car accident

TV star Jessi Combs dead at 36 after a daring jet car accident

Just a single mistake and brummm…………It’s all over.

Famous racing car drivers and television star Jessi Combs crashed down to death while attempting to break her own land speed record in Oregon at the age of 36.

jessi combs racecar
Jessi combs racecar

As per spokesperson for Combs family; Jessi Combs met the fatal crash while she was pursuing setting a land speed record in North American Eager on August 27th, 2019. The details of the crash not have been released yet.

Fully loaded with lots of positive energy; the deceased car racer was well known for her bright smile. She was one of the players who tenacious pursuit hard for the fulfillment of their dreams. Driving was her passion and it was just infectious and quite smooth. In fact; Jessi Comb was a role model for young girls who are willing to pursue their carrier in this field. She lived an adventurous life while keeping simplicity by side. She was actually one of the daydreamers who worked hard to fulfill their dreams at their best.

Jessi Combs was known as the “fastest woman on four wheels” as she set a record with a jet-powered car in 2012. Moreover, she also has hosted various shows including All Girls, Garage, Overhaulin and a season of Discovery’s MythBusters also. She put on a guest appearance in an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage as well. adding more to her carrier; this star performer also has performed as a driver for various films and commercials as well.

She was passionate about car racking and left this earth driving faster than any woman on this earth can do. She lived the entire life fearlessly and left the world while having her family and friends by her side. As per reports she also has tried to break her record previous year as well but failed to accomplish that due to some mechanical troubles.

Jessi Combs was quite active on social media platforms have updated her Instagram post three days prior. She seemed to be quite excited and have aimed about reaching 619 mph in the jet car. Updating as an Instagram post; her love Terry Madden shared the news of this “horrific accident” with her friend. On his remarks on Instagram, Terry Madden writes “ I was the first one there and trust me we did everything humanly possible to save her!!”

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